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Jackpot City Casino - free spins, scratch cards, bonus code

Jackpot City Casino - free spins, scratch cards, bonus code

Jackpot City Casino Exclusive Offer
Get 3 scratch cards to Jackpot City Casino and win 10, 30, or 50 free spins! Additionally, score $800 or even $1600 free chips welcome bonus. Click on the link below and scratch to spins and cash.
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The Games of Jackpot City: Blackjack, Slots, and Jackpots

This operator boasts 600+ RNG games that come from Microgaming — one of the top three casino software developers in the world. Most players in the JackpotCity online casino are instantly drawn to the millionaire-maker “Mega Moolah” Slot and hits like “Immortal Romance”, “Agent Jane Blonde”, and “Avalon.”
However, MG is also known for its large assemblage of table games. Blackjack fans can enjoy a whopping 40 releases that run on Flash or HTML. You can choose between multiple American, European, and Atlantic City versions. Alternatively, you could go for “Spanish Blackjack”, which allows late surrenders and double downs. There are also titles with multiple side bets, various betting limits, and even variants where the dealer isn’t allowed to have a face-down card.
“Vegas Single Deck” is our favorite Jackpot City Blackjack. This classic was recently remastered by Switch Studios, but it still packs an impressive 99.69% RTP rate. Other genres you can try include Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Video Poker, Scratchcards, Keno, and Bingo.

Exploring the JackpotCity Casino Bonus for New Players

When you register at JackpotCity, you’ll be entitled to a sizable bonus. Your first four deposits will be matched by 100% up to $400, meaning that you can get a grand total of $1,600 in promo credits. Still, remember that there are T&Cs that you must fulfill before you can withdraw any winnings.
Some of the important stipulations include x50 wagering requirements for the bonus amount and game weighting. You’re pretty much stuck with playing Slots, as JackpotCity Casino has restricted the contribution of Blackjack games to 2%-8%. Make sure to read the details of any promotion you intend to sign up for.
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Ongoing Promotions and the VIP Club

If you become a regular, remember to press the “Promotions calendar” icon before making a payment. You’ll find deposit match offers for every day of the week. On top of that, you can spin the “Bonus Wheel” for a chance to win promo funds, bonus Slot spins, or comp points.
While we’re still on the “comp points” topic, it’s worth noting that a standard loyalty program is in place at JackpotCity online casino. Your real-money stakes will generate small tokens that you can later exchange for bonus credits. Gather enough, and you can climb the ranks to unlock special offers, gaming competitions, a dedicated support crew, and more.

Enjoy an Authentic Experience at the JackpotCity Live Casino

The live lobby of Jackpot City is powered by Evolution Gaming and Ezugi, two leading studios that specialize in this type of entertainment. Every registered real-money account can access a plethora of HD streams where both table game classics and newer variants are played.
To interact with the dealer or other players, click on the chat button. If you want to play at multiple tables simultaneously, tap on the “+table” button. You can personalize the broadcast to suit your preferences by tweaking the video, the audio, and the general settings.
There are many live JackpotCity Blackjack games with betting levels suitable for every budget. Most of them accept up to seven active players and include the “21+3” and “Perfect Pairs” side bets. If a table is full, there’s a bet behind option, so you can participate by wagering on another player’s hand.
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How to Access the JackpotCity Mobile Casino

As a truly modern iGaming site, Jackpot City allows you to play wherever you happen to be. The simplest way of entering the mobile casino is to use the web browser on your phone or tablet. Compatibility with both iOS and Android devices is assured, so you won’t have any trouble with navigation or playing games.
Alternatively, there’s the option of downloading a Jackpot City app for both major platforms. If you have an iPhone or iPad, all you need to do is to search in the App Store. Meanwhile, Android users will need to see the instructions on the dedicated page of the casino.

A Range of Secure Banking Options

This house has a good selection of banking options listed. Depending on your location, you can make a payment with any of the major credit and debit cards, a number of e-wallets, or several bank transfer services. You’ll also be able to use some prepaid cards or vouchers. In most cases, you’ll have instant access to your deposited funds.
JackpotCity Casino doesn’t restrict you to a couple of withdrawal methods, either. There are a select number of cards or e-wallets that you can use, or you can opt for a money transfer or a check if you prefer. For security purposes, JackpotCity uses SSL encryption for all financial transactions.
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Jackpot City: Online Casino Regulation and Customer Support

When an online casino site has been on the market for more than 20 years, it must be doing something right. JackpotCity is based and licensed in Malta and also has a permit from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada. The prestigious eCOGRA testing agency also approves JackpotCity online casino for its fair play policy, security standards, and prompt payouts.
You can find a detailed FAQ section and a wealth of information on the home page of the site, which is organized into relevant categories. Should you encounter a problem, the casino provides players with 24/7 support. You can access a customer service representative by phone, e-mail, or live chat.

In Conclusion, Jackpot City Casino Is a Great Place to Play Blackjack

While Blackjack players will have a hard time redeeming the bonuses of this operator, everything else about it is beyond satisfactory. You can try a rich selection of Jackpot City Blackjack tables in demo and real-money modes, enjoy some of the best live dealer games in the business, and mix it up with excellent Microgaming products when you feel like it.
On top of that, the venue is available in multiple languages, has the needed certificates, and can support you around the clock. If you’re ready to give it a try, register at JackpotCity from this page and claim your welcome bonus now!
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Some guidance in chip selection for an overwhelmed newbie

I am trying to choose decent chips to play with some friends, nothing really professional, just some casual games, but we would like high quality.
I have been doing some research and looks like people tend to prefer 10 grams clay chips. They are used in casinos and have the best feeling.
Now, here is the thing, we, as casual players, put so much value in the esthetics of the chip, we would like them to look good, and have found some that we really like, like the 2009 EPT or the Montecarlo Royale Crown. Problem being, first ones are ceramic, not clay, and the latter having a weight of 14 grams. Or is it actually a problem? I would like to find out if its just a common prefference but there is no big difference or it actually matters.
In the 10g clay spectrum, many casinos use the Paulson clay but imho they are horrible, are there any good looking alternatives?
We would really appreciate your opinion and comments in this matter or, if you do not want to spend the time in writing a whole post, answering in the pool if you would consider, in your experience, that any of those chips spoken about earlier are a bad purchase (0.8€ per chip the EPT ones and 0.3€ the Montecarlo´s) considering that we plan on start going to casinos once we reach the right blind levels).
As always, thank you really much =)

EDIT: Apparently many people found my post quite deffensive and that was never my intention, I am changing my way to say some things so there is no room for misunderstanding =)
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How to manipulate amateur live tell sleuths.

This post started out as a comment for this thread, but then it got long and I decided it warranted its own post. It's about what to do when people stare you down and say things like "I think you have AK."
I love when people do this. The person is rarely if ever being honest, and most often looking for a reaction. Similar statements include "I'm thinking of calling," "I don't feel like you have anything here," or the classic "I don't know if I can fold this."
There are basically three levels of livetell training one can have. Either untrained, classically trained, or scientifically trained.
Untrained ranges from your online player who's mixing in live games to your rank novices and even includes some livegame veterans who actually ignore their opponents for some reason. These players will often have heard generalized advice about what to look for, but you can generally assume these players don't have any kind of system in place. If you don't have a system in place, then all you have is what's called a "calling reflex." Players want to call, because they want to win. They will look for something to convince them to call. Doing anything -- smiling, laughing, looking angry, fidgeting, receiving a phone call from your mother, they'll be looking for a way to interpret it as "that means he's weak."
What to do if an untrained player says this: If an untrained player says "I'm thinking of calling" or something similar (it's usually more aggressive like "I think you just have ace high" or "I feel like you're bluffing here"), they're looking for a reaction. If you want a call, do something. Anything. Touch your face (except not now, because COVID). Shrug. Smile awkwardly. Check your cards again. Shift your weight in your seat. Make a jerk-off motion with your hand. Scream out loud and then try to hide under the table. Doesn't matter if it's weak or strong, but things actually work best if they look less deliberate. Any of these things, though, can trigger a calling reflex. If you want them to fold, don't change anything. Pretend you didn't hear them. Wait for the dealer to tell you that you've won.
Classically trained means anyone who's read one of many hundreds of books on poker tells and/or has played a fair amount of live poker. You'll recognize experience and attention to poker tells by someone who's "standardized" their poker behavior. They often try to look at their cards the same way every time. They often try to use the same hand to act. If they use a card protector or a chip on their cards, they try to do so every single hand. Most poker pros have the same advice for how to avoid giving off tells, and players that follow this advice have usually heard advice on how to find tells, as well. The advice they've heard is almost always the same -- "Strong means weak. Weak means strong."
Players like these are more likely to call you when you announce your bets and raises loudly, or throw your chips in. They're less likely to call a carefully-placed bet done silently. They think you'll stare at them when you're weak and look away when you're strong. They're looking for all these behaviors. However, when they say something to you in a big spot, they're usually not looking for any of these things. You have to know what they're looking for and what they're thinking before you can really know how to respond.
Most modern tell books and even some old ones (like Mike Caro's book) recognize the difference between what's now called controlled and uncontrolled behavior. Controlled behavior is what you choose to do -- you choose to throw your chips in aggressively, to puff your chest out, etc. These are the behaviors that follow the "weak means strong and strong means weak" rule, and because they're controlled, they're the ones that classically trained players are least trusting of. They're the most common "tells", but also the least-reliable. Someone who's read the same book could easily be doing the opposite. So they look for the uncontrolled tells. The quick, automatic glance at your chips when you have a big hand. The way your hands shake a little when you hit a monster. The partially-concealed smile when they sound like they're going to fold. They've also read, or heard, that if they stare you down longer, they often will get a reaction after 20-30 seconds that they wouldn't if they acted faster. One of the most common questions they ask is "If I fold, will you show?" This has two objectives -- first, to see if you react positively to the concept of folding or are willing to offer something to get them to fold. Players with strong hands often immediately say "no." Second, because they want to see as many hands as possible to see if they're right. These players have a system and they'll follow it until you prove them wrong, so obviously never ever show them your hand unless you've reached showdown and have to.
What to do if a classically trained player says this: If they say something implying you're weak? They're probably thinking of folding. They're looking for a positive knee-jerk reaction. They're ready to fold if you smile (especially if you try to stop or cover it), if you look at your chips, or if you somehow look more comfortable. Speaking back is a mixed bag. Saying anything makes you seem comfortable -- one of the most commonly-quoted rules is "speech means the nuts." Of course, because they said they're thinking of calling you, a lot of players will speak deliberately to change their mind, saying something like "Well if you think I'm weak, you should call," which some books will advise as weak. This is why controlled behavior is less-trustworthy, both for them to read and for you to use to get them to do what you want. You don't know what books they read or what they believe, so it's best to rely on convincingly dropping some "uncontrolled" behavior. (This is also why they're more likely to say something that sounds weak, like "If I fold, will you show?" Some books advise this to make players who speak in response more reliably strong, although almost all consider the offer to show cards to be weak.)
So if a classically trained player says they think you're weak, they're looking for comfort. If you want them to call or raise, the best thing to do is to look like you're trying to seem comfortable, but aren't. If you catch yourself smiling reflexively, don't hide it -- force it bigger. Make it seem more fake. But generally, the best thing to do is to be as still as possible, hold your breath for a bit, then "break." Start breathing again, shift in your chair, make eye contact with them, force a smile... the big gun is to touch your cards. NOT to look at them, like there's anything worth looking at there. To simply touch them. When players are considering whether to call or fold a big bet, one of the things they often do before they fold is to touch their cards, and classically trained players know this. They'll often raise you with nothing if you do this.
If you want them to fold, just be comfortable. If it helps, know that they're usually saying something to you -- anything, really -- because they're thinking of folding. You've already won, so relax. Don't hold your breath or try to hold still. Don't even worry too much about seeming nervous. The more you're willing to engage, the more afraid to call you your opponent will be. One thing that has literally never failed for me when getting one of these players to fold is to stare at them for a second and then say, in mock seriousness: "Now, I don't know everything, sure, but correct me if I'm wrong here, because I've heard it both ways... I believe that putting nipples on a butt does not make it boobs. What are your thoughts?" That won't work for everyone, but basically, classically-trained players are warned that such behavior doesn't come from players who are afraid of being called.
Scientifically-trained players are few and far between. It's expensive and rarely cost-effective to learn how to actually find tells. The reality is, classical poker tells training is easier to learn, easier to implement (requires less concentration) and is usually effective enough to get by when combined with sound poker strategy. Actual scientific training can cost thousands, requires serious dedication and takes a lot longer. Rather than looking for general rules of thumb and common tells, scientific training involves watching an individual player, cataloging his behavior over time and in various situations, and then trying to come up with a strategy and implement it. A scientifically-trained player will say, "This player looks like he's got a fair amount of table experience and has somewhat standardized all his actions. He waits till his turn to act before checking his cards every time. He'll check his cards, usually looking at them for about 1 second, then plays with his chips with his right hand before placing a chip on his cards and finally calling or raising. Three times, he called or raised before putting a chip on his cards, then remembered to put one on after. All three times, he showed a premium hand of AK or better."
These kinds of live tells can be incredibly powerful if properly exploited, but obviously, collecting that kind of information is time-consuming and requires a lot of focus. Generally, the advice for playing against these players is not to worry about them. First, you're so rarely going to encounter one, and they're not unlike card-counters in blackjack -- they may very well have a system in place, but that doesn't mean they know how to execute it. For every successful card-counting blackjack player, there are three or four who learned a little about it but aren't good enough to actually make money. If anyone's interested in how to get such training, they can PM me and I can give them some information, but keep in mind that it takes long hours of study AND a significant course fee, and for most people, I wouldn't recommend it.
If you actually WERE sitting at a table with a strong player with good scientific training on how to spot tells, you still wouldn't have to worry too much. That kind of training means you can only really watch three or four players, so selecting profitable targets is the first step. When I sit down, I'm looking for someone who 1) gets into a lot of pots, so knowing whether they're strong is more worthwhile, 2) has somewhat standardized behavior and generally stays still, so things like breath rate and blink rate are easier to watch for, 3) always checks their cards at the same time -- preferably when its their first turn to act 4) looks like they have a reasonable understanding of poker (often, I'll reference a name like Phil Galfond or Fedor Holz and see if they recognize the name, as this is a good indicator of how intently they study the game). So for a lot of players, you won't be playing the playstyle that I'm looking for anyway. If you are, you can turn me off by checking your cards at a different time in the hand -- not as soon as you get the cards, but while it's someone else's turn to act, and my attention might be elsewhere. Also, the more mercurial you are in your actions, the more differences in behaviors I observe, the harder it is to watch you. Some behaviors mean something, and some mean nothing, so the more "noise" there is, the longer it'll take me to observe you. I prefer to play against casino regulars whom I can observe over long sessions (or, most ideally, several long sessions) and so can exploit productively long-term.
If a scientifically-trained player says he thinks you just have ace-high, he's definitely fishing for a response, but most of the time, he's already made a decision. Usually in this spot you want to treat him like a classically-trained player, because he's either got you figured out or he doesn't. If he does, just don't try to bluff him so often. Introducing more noise once he knows what to look for is rarely effective. The main benefit behind scientific training is that it's pretty reliable once you know what you're looking for on a specific player, so if someone's genuinely got you figured out, it's probably not profitable to play against him. You can try to figure out what you're doing wrong and do it differently, but you'll usually just be guessing, and that's hit-or-miss. Mostly miss.
But yeah, for every player who's actually able to find individual tells on you, there are literal thousands who can't and won't, so most of the time, when you hear probing speech play, it's an opportunity. The player's looking for something to influence his decision, and figuring out what he's looking for is key in getting him to do what you want.
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Tales of Specter (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7
A Lonely Winter...
Specter in his clanhouse with his team but Melody is not with him...
Strange. He tries to recall if they are together or not since he blacked out during the fight with Dragon...
Specter is felt heart broken from Melody... He felt a pain in his heart from the memories of her. He sits on his desk and hold his head in pain... How could he forget that face?
Darkcrow and Victor are bitter rivalries and they started to play a game on Roger screen and they played "Hangman"
Lily appears and said "Specter, I'm very sorry how you feel something about Melody walks away from you?"
He looks at her and his mood improved "Thanks Lily, Well, what do you say we go out on a mission?" She smiles and nods. The team agree to it. Dark figure the answer on Roger Hangman "Umm, Letter M"
Roger say "Correct!" "The answer of the Hangman words is Melody!"
Specter is on his mood again to the clanhouse table and groaning sadly and yelled "MELODY! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME!" Lily appear and said "What's the matter Specter? You think something bad will happen if she comes here?
Specter says "Don't you get it, She walk away from her sights after she kissed me! She never coming back ever again!" The rest of the team shock at this. Lily said "I don't think so, There are many places she can go to." Dark Figure out the word on Roger Hangman "J"
Specter says "All because of Dragon kissed her in the ceremony. I saw him in the sight!" Dark figure out the answer "P" Roger says "Correct" Victor adds "Possibly, possible or even likely, but not necessarily.”
Specter says "Let's just continued our journey for the Ice Orb... She is not coming back ever again..." Victor nods and say "Right then, I'll go and get the stuff for the mission" Victor went out and got some stuff. Him and Darkcrow are preparing for the mission. Lily said "The Ice World is a long way journey... I also stole the mysterious ship from the E.A.S.B." Spencer says "We are going to get the Ice Orb in the frozen continent, and we will come back just as quick as we can!" Lily nod at that. Roger grab the sweater for the teams! Roger says "The Ice World is cold! So everyone needs a sweater!" The team looks "Sweater?" He smiles and say "Yes, it will be awesome for the mission."
Specter says "That a great plan, Roger..." Roger just smiles and nods. Darkcrow appears and said "What's the plan for the mission?" Roger says "We need to get the Ice Orb from Frostbite Mountain.
Specter says "Frostbite Mountain is a lonely mountain with filled with snows, rocks and trees also it known for home for the Ice Elves." Roger smiles and nod.
Specter says "Let's go! Guys!" The team went out of the clanhouse. Roger is leading the way.
Specter and his teams are heading to The Ice World with riding on Lily new ship that she stole from the E.A.S.B, A place where everything is a cold and lonely winter just like Specter heartbroken on Melody... When they're coming near the continent, they could see some ice fields and frozen trees. Linda says "Don't you think that's just too eerily beautiful?"
Specter says "Yeah, I wished Melody should see this..." Spencer shakes his head and said "Too bad she wasn't here to see this, let alone..." Spencer stops himself and just nods at Victor. Roger continue leading the way.
The Ice World A Tundra-Route of the Lairon Region filled with atrocious blizzard that blow away the tree and mountain and that lead to the Tundra Village of The Ice Elves. Including Frostbite Mountain. The Elves will keep their magical landmass to the mountain where it can act as their personal water dam for their village.
You arrive to the Village of the Ice Elves... A very beautiful place. The snow that covers everything has made the elves even more beautiful with their clear skin and snow white hair. Lily said "Wow! It's so beautiful!" Victor says "Indeed! I'm so glad that the war has made us friends with the Elves!
Specter says "War?" Spencer shakes his head at Victor's remark. Victor says "Ah, sorry. The Incident. It should be in a decade or so, and the Elves will be wanting another ally."
Roger made a Snowman! While Darkcrow said "Hey guys, Let make some Snowman!" Victor says "What the heck is that, Roger?" Roger says "Come on! Let's make a Snowman!"
Specter says "Did you ever made a Snowman?" Roger nods. Victor rolls his eyes. Roger says "Yeah, I made a Snowman once for the First Time!" Darkcrow says "The memories when i was kid in the winter of Grimhowl... I made a Snowman with a scary face..." Lily says "Come on! You Two! Let's make a Snowman!"
While everyone making a Snowman. Roger and Darkcrow create a Monster Snowman while Lily teach Victor. How to make Snowman... Lily says "Make a circle and add a face. The Elves will find it so cute!" Victor said "I know, I know..."
While Specter create his Snowman version of Specter and Melody... Lily said "Still thinking about Melody, Huh?"
Specter says "Yeah, also i wished she sees the Snowman I made, but she run away from me after my Wrath is uncontrollable..." Roger said "Will she coming back, Master Specter?" Specter said "I think so, Roger." Specter says "Still, my memory is still blurry when it comes to her, but at least she came back to me." Victor said "By the way, let's continue the journey to the Ice Orb..."
Specter nods at Victor. Specter and his Teams asked the Ice Elves Villagers about the Ice Orb. The Elves Villagers tells Specter that the Orbs are kept in a Castle in top of Frostbite Mountain. and the Elder Elves also tell Specter that it will take 2 days of Hiking to get to the Castle!
Specter says "How large is Frostbite Mountain anyways..." The Elves said it's taller than Mt. Highmore! Victor says "Well, then it'll be visible from half of the Lairon's surface.
Specter says "So, how much for that hiking stuff?" Roger says "For the whole group? One gold piece!" Darkcrow says "That's a lot for 3-9 hours of hiking!
Specter still wondering about the chips Darkcrow stole from the Casino...
Specter says "Yo! Darkcrow! Have you remember the Chips you stole from the Casino?"
Roger asks "What are you suggesting, Master? Darkcrow said "What you mean, this?" Put the giant loot bags with full of Poker Chips. Spencer says "That bag is a full of Poker Chip, isn't it?" Darkcrow says "Yes." Victor asks "What's the catch? The Elves Shopkeeper said "Well, I see it will be cost Five Gold Piece for all of the Poker Chips you have!" Darkcrow said "WHAT!?" Specter says "Are you serious?" Linda says "I don't think customers would pay that much!" Darkcrow hands over all the Giant Loot Bags to the Elves Shopkeeper.
Darkcrow yelled "Damnit! All my hardwork from the Casino from the Astrapian City. Their Poker Chips from the Casino cost was 5 Hiking Bags. DAMN YOU! THE BLACK DRAGON!" Specter says "This is pretty unfortunate..." Victor said to Darkcrow "Same to me, I got scammed by those Astrapian Poker Chip dealer cost me $500 to buy the chips and i got win a lot of chips and they gave me $50 for all the chips. What a waste!"
Specter says "Anyways, Let's continue the adventure..."
Darkcrow said "Hours of making Chips wasted!" Specter said "Don't worry, we still got enough golds for the next Part of this Adventure.
Meanwhile at Death Island... Axelegore appears in the Black Portal... And the few Orders members has a seriously looked with Axelegore... Axelegore said "Hello, there..." Gruz says "Hello, Lord Axelegore. We still haven't forgotten about you." Axelegore nods in reply. "Where Light?" Axelegore said. "Oh, him? Why he's in the Black Fortress. He's on a diet. You know, to reduce weight so the ritual can work on him." Gruz said. Light appears in the Lightning Strike and he kidnapped Melody after she run away with Specter... Melody said "Let me go! You freaks!" Axelegore said "Who is this girl, Light? I thought you chose a new pet human girl rather than this one?" "I did." Light said "But she ran away, under the impression that she can just leave. Dragon said "Why hello there, Woman... We meet again..." He try to harassing Melody and said "By the way, where is your Boyfriend?" "I'm not your boyfriend! And neither are you my type! Specter is my real Boyfriend!" "Enough!" Light said. Cogwheel said "Whoa! There Light. You shouldn't treat her like that! That kinda evil! She might try to use her body against you!" "Shut up, you dwarf!" Cogwheel said "Hey! I am not a dwarf, I am a human!"
Gruz said " She might try to escape again!" Phantom said "Yeah, let's keep her happy! They do that thing where they make girls not want to leave..." Sizzling Sister said "ENOUGH! WE SHOULD BROUGHT HER TO FROSTBITE MOUNTAIN TO OPEN THE FROSTBITE CASTLE WHERE THE ICE ORB IS SEALED!" Gruz was silent as usual. "Yes, a great idea." Gruz said. "Good." Dragon said. "I'm not some damned monkey! I won't do it!" Melody said. Gruz said "Don't worry half-breed, My perfectly little nephew gonna take care of you for good..." "NO! I'm not going to be a prisoner! I'm not going to be tortured and I'm not going to open up some magic door to the castle, no matter how much you threaten me!"
The Sizzling Sister, Sizzerella & Sizzlea Magi-Ability: Sizzler Ability to create a weapons with made of fire and some high flammable explosive bomb!
"Well, we could always just kill her..." Sizzerella said. "No!" Sizzlea said "She is a potential asset! Can't let such talent go to waste! Gruz said "Have fun with your new friend!" The Sizzling Sisters stick a tongue on Gruz and fly away... and Cogwheel said "I think they hate you, Gruz!"
"Bah! They're just jealous of my popularity!" Gruz replies. "Now it's your turn, Light!" Cogwheel said. Light disappears when the lightning strike at the sea and while Dragon stay at Death Island for training for revenge against Specter.
"So, you wanna to works with my ultimate combat robot?" Cogwheel asks. "Of course not, and you're realizing this, aren't you?" Gruz said "But I thought you'd want to..." he replied Axelegore said "Gruz, Cogwheel. Have you already invented our war machine for the war of the Elemental Orb rogue and his teams?" "Yeah, yeah, alright!" Gruz replies. "We know, all the time..." Cogwheel replies. Axelegore said "Great, Now let's go back to our lair before we got struck by lightning or get cursed on this island..."
The two of the orders member with Axelegore and left Dragon in his training area...
Dragon started his training and draw Specter face on the sands.
Dragon said "I'll show you my wrath of my Magi! SPECTER!" and he kicked the sand until he gone and started training...
You have reached to Chapter 7
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Iron Clays: Unboxing and Discussion

The Iron Clays are a luxury "game counter" (poker chip) first released by Roxley Games as part of their 2017 Brass Birmingham campaign. Due to demand from fans they went on to create a follow up Kickstarter in June of 2019 for just the Iron Clays. The campaign was delayed for a few months by COVID-19 but I received my shipment of Iron Clays just yesterday and wanted to let you all see them for yourself.
My pledge was for the standard distribution of 400 chips in a printed box; the kickstarter price was listed as 182 CAD and, including shipping, I paid a total of 168 USD at the time.
It was a bit of a rough start with a large hole and some dents in the shipping container. Fortunately the contents themselves were entirely undamaged.
The chips are contained in a nice box with foil lettering and magnets that keep the lid closed. Within the box are four plastic containers that hold the chips securely. The chips are beautifully produced and come in 8 denominations currently (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 2000). I was opposed to the inclusion of 10s and 50s during the campaign, I still am, but in the end I think the 50 may be my favorite looking chip. They weigh an average of 9.4g (compared to 9.2g for a stack of 20 casino chips I own and 8.1g for the chips in Splendor); individual variation in weight from chip to chip is low with all measuring between 9-10g (using a low precision kitchen scale).
The chips themselves appear to be of excellent quality; out of 400 chips I have found only one misprint. It should be noted that all of the chips have small lightly colored spots on the edges where they were presumably attached to the mold and so I don't consider this to be a misprint. This doesn't particularly bother me and the edges are otherwise very smooth with a barely palpable seam. I have dropped a number of chips, as well as their plastic containers, from table height during my testing over the past day and have not managed to break or damage anything.
Having shown you the chips I did want to discuss some of the concerns raised by various backers and poker chip aficionados since the campaign was announced. A major concern voiced by poker chip collectors has been the chips "slipperiness". The concern being that the chips actual usability is impaired by this because of poor stackability. I have compared the Iron Clays to some chips I grabbed from casinos in Las Vegas (I believe these are so-called Paulson chips which are generally accepted as top of the line and go for >$1 a chip) and find that they are indeed slipperier. This is demonstrated by a tilt test where stacks of Iron Clays consistently fall at a lower angle than the Vegas chips. When they fall they also tend to slide further on my table; on average sliding 55.5 cm compared to 35 cm for the Paulsons and 48 cm for the Splendor chips. I also compared manipulation of both the Iron Clays and the Paulsons and noticed some of the differences in the way these chips handle. The Paulsons are slightly easier to pickup by tilting the stack but in truth 20 chips is too many for me to comfortably handle with either of the chip types. All this said; I'm not convinced that this will impact usability and if that changes in the future there is apparently significant improvement with lightly sanding the chip faces.
There has also been some criticism of the color choice and edge spot design. These concerns are valid because it is important to be able to quickly count stacks of chips to and this is aided by having distinct colors and edge spots. I have an album showing all combinations of chips under the same lighting so you can decide for yourself if distinguishing chips of different denominations is difficult in mixed stacks. While the 50s, 20s and 5s are somewhat similar I don't find that I have difficulty distinguishing them.
I feel that the various other criticisms raised (color of specific denominations, labeled vs unlabeled, denominated vs undenominated) are entirely matters of opinion and am unconvinced that these design choices impact usability in any meaningful way. I backed the Iron Clays because I wanted to avoid the garish colors and immersion breaking casino theme of other poker chip lines so I think of these aspects of the chips as features rather than flaws.
In conclusion I am very satisfied by the Iron Clays. They are sharp looking and do not sacrifice functionality; when considering their price keep in mind that they come with a transportation/storage solution included. I don't want to reduce my impression to an x/10 rating but I do feel that these are a top notch product that fit the theme of a wide variety of board games.
Final Update: Out of curiosity I sanded a stack of chips too see if the slipperiness could be reduced. The white stack is sanded, blue is unsanded and the mixed stack is the Paulson's from prior. The chips were very lightly sanded and there is no perceptible difference in appearance but they now apear to be LESS slippery than the Paulson's!
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A bad episode, in narrative form.

Trigger warnings re suicidal behaviours, violent behaviours, self harm, and probably a bunch of other stuff.
I don't know if 3rd person recounts are okay here, feel free to remove if not (I have it saved) and if there's a subreddit specifically for this kind of thing I'd appreciate some pointers.
This writing process is just part of my catharsis. Maybe other's can relate, I don't know if it would be helpful or not to others, there's a lot of stuff in this story I am deeply ashamed of, but I figure this is a safe space to tell my story, even if I am probably the villain in the piece.
Fade out, into bedroom, morning...
He woke with a sharp breath, eyes wide open as a sudden shock of adrenaline flooded warmly from his abdomen, igniting his senses.
He wasn’t dreaming before he woke, nor did he remember where or when he fell asleep; this would dawn on him soon. For a minute at least, he had no idea where, or even who he was.
Muffled sounds of the television floated into the room from beyond. To his side, a grey wall confronted him, virtually featureless save for a deep, dark gouge that penetrated the plaster, chiselled at least an inch deep into the breeze block beneath by some strong, angular object.
A visceral instinct clutched at the rapidly fading vestiges of oblivion, steeling his slowly awakening mind against the inevitable clarity of day.
His eyes drifted downward, almost by their own will. A trail of colourful debris spread across the grey carpeted floor. He recognised these objects as his own junk: Empty wrappers, an unfinished book (still intact), a scattering of coins, some old shopping receipts, his glasses, some odd socks, and a small handful of odds and ends.
This was stuff that he usually stashed out of sight and mind in the drawers beside his bed.
Drawers that were oddly absent from their familiar place beside his head.
Propping himself up unsteadily on his elbow, he took a more sweeping view of the room. He groaned and sighed as his gaze finally came to rest on the object of destruction.
The heavy wooden bedside table lay near the foot of the bed, its drawers spewed haphazardly across the floor, beneath what must have been a spectacular flight path the previous evening.
Like a series of lead weights, pieces of the puzzle dropped into place, flashes of memories yanking his mind to sobriety.
The drinking.
The casino.
The staircase.
The plastic bag.
The wall.
The screaming.
He quickly packed these images away, but they lay in wait beneath the surface of his awareness, poised to strike at any moment.
Rolling again onto his back, he pulled the blankets over his head and tried in vain to retreat to the safety of oblivion. Sweet, peaceful nothingness was all he desired right then and there. If some spirit had entered the room and whisked his soul off into the beyond, he’d have welcomed it without a second thought.
His body shook with tremors, and the dull ache of injuries began to throb gently across his body. “Too much alcohol” he thought. “Too much fucking alcohol.”
As he lay in the dimly lit room more scraps of the previous night assailed him, little more than still images in random order. Everything else was a blackout. He felt the bruises along his arms, his head ached, his fists were swollen. Probably had a serious concussion, hence the memory loss. That and the drinking.
In his fugue state, hours passed, it seemed, before eventually his wife entered the room with a soft click of the door handle.
He held his breath.
“You awake sweetie?” she asked in a soothing, caring voice. Such kindness only served to deepen his self loathing.
He exhaled. “Mmm.”
Wordlessly, she walked over to her side of the bed and lay down, laying her soft arm across his shoulders. He winced slightly from contact with some bruises on his back that he hadn't noticed yet.
He sighed deeply again.
“Oh, lovely...” she whispered, squeezing him gently.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered back, still unsure of the exact thing he was sorry for, but he knew it was pretty bad. “I’m so sorry...”
She squeezed again, the seemingly undeserved love in her touch flooding him with a rough mix of self-hatred and a tiny spark of hope.
“The wall...” he said, groggily.
“And the stairs. And your computer...” she sighed.
He struggled to visualise the relevance of these words. “The computer?”
“You punched the screen. It just shows colourful patterns now.” She giggled, an odd counterpoint that sliced through the sombre atmosphere like breaking glass.
Why does she accept this? He thought. I’m a fucking monster.
“Oh...” he said, wondering idly what the bill of damages would be. “Are you... okay?”
She hesitated. “You didn’t hurt us. Just... broke things. And you were screaming, just screaming. The neighbours must have heard...”
_Like a wild animal. A fucking monster. _
She continued. “You were pretty hard on the girls too, you were yelling at them. They hid in their rooms.”
Like I used to, when dad used to...
“We just got out of the way. They hid their stuff. You were wrecking everything.”
“Again...” he said dejectedly.
She squeezed him with her gentle arms, and kissed the back of his neck.
“You kept hitting the walls, and punching yourself in the head. You were pulling things out of drawers looking for plastic bags. Good thing I hid those last time.”
To suffocate myself with. Like last time. I wonder if there’s any around now.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered again. “I don’t know why...”
“It’s ok...” she said, with another reassuring squeeze.
They lay in silence for a while. He couldn’t understand why he deserved her affection. How could anyone love such a beast, such a monster? Wasn’t she afraid? What if he’d turned on her? He’s a big man, slightly out of shape but still strong enough to throw a 50kg bed into a wall in a fit of rage. All he could think was that he should be locked away immediately for other people’s safety, or humanely put out of his misery as a failed experiment in evolution.
But nonetheless he felt her love recharging him, her soft breathing warm against his shoulder, chest rising and falling behind him, her gentle squeezes soothing, all of which seemed to say that everything would be okay.
While his guilt and shame seemed infinite, her love pierced through his darkness like a javelin of light, fracturing an iron curtain of self-hatred, planting a small seed of hope.
Was hope a blessing or a curse? Was there a point to hope when it just rekindled the cycle, kept him moving on thinking life would be okay, right up until the point where he tore it all apart again? Was there any chance of things being different this time around?
Or would he just continue to spiral around the rim like a shit in a blocked toilet, waiting for death’s plunger to set him free unto the depths below?
The feeling made him uncomfortable. Hope seemed like a venomous snake slithering in the grass waiting to strike.
He turned to her and embraced her, briefly. “I love you. I’m sorry.” He said, before slowly rolling to the side of the bed and planting his feet on the plaster-strewn carpet, seeking escape from these unnerving thoughts. But a shock of pain stabbed though his foot. “Ugh! God damn it. I think I broke a toe.”
“The bathroom door...” she said.
“Really?” he sighed, testing his weight on the outside of his foot, and, figuring it would hold, rising unsteadily to his feet. The sudden change in altitude caused his head to spin, and he immediately sat back down on the bed.
Why did I kick the bathroom door? Was she in there? Why can’t I remember anything?
“So, uh...” He said, laying back down. “Why are you still with me?”
“Because I love you.” She said, resting her arm across his chest.
“I’m scared. I don’t know if it will happen again. I thought after the therapy I would be okay, but this feels worse. I don't remember anything. And the kids... I don’t want to do this to them. This is why I moved away, I wanted to give you guys a chance to be normal.”
“But then you’d be alone over there, and I’d worry.”
“But it wouldn’t be your problem.”
“I’d still care.”
“You wouldn’t have to.” He said, matter of factly. But the way she said it, he knew she was sincere.
“You’ll get help. We’ll figure it out. We’ll get through this.”
I don’t want to always be figuring it out. I don’t want to have to “get through this” and I don’t want to fuck up other people with my shit. I don't want to be that stereotype abusive husband guilting his wife into staying through suicidal threats. They deserve so much better than me, can’t she see she’d be happier without me, he thought.
“But I don’t think I can handle too much more of what happened last night.” She concluded. “It was scary.”
He remained in bed for a few more hours, before cautiously emerging from the bedroom. The TV was still on downstairs, and he saw his wife sat on the couch. The kids were still at school.
As he descended, he took mental note of the damages. The stair rail was badly damaged, bent and twisted. Scuff marks at head and fist height marked the wall at each painful step. Downstairs came into view, and he saw the Ikea chair, frame snapped in half, and his computer monitor, vivid lines and swirls of colour radiating from a fist-sized oval of shattered glass in the centre. His laptop though was curiously still working, save for a slightly bent case that he twisted back into shape.
He noticed the poker chips on the hallstand. $1300 worth. He checked his bank account, he’d "only" spent $400 at the casino, so at least he hadn't lost the rent money for the week. “Big deal.” He thought. “What does it matter now?”
In total, he figured about a thousand dollars to replace everything he’d destroyed, taking care of his “winnings”, plus some paint and plaster to fix up the walls. The stair rails though, they might need some professional work, he decided to take a look at those last.
Wordlessly, he went to the laundry. As he passed through the kitchen, he got a vivid flashback of laying there on the tiles, repeatedly smashing the back of his head at full force into the ground while his wife, or was it his daughter, begged him to stop. He shook away the thought quickly, and fetched the plaster.
We have plaster on hand. He thought wryly. This happens too often.
Going through the motions, he filled the holes and gouges in the bedroom, the bathroom door, down the stairwell, and the living room walls. Next, he fetched an allen key and dismantled the Ikea chair, stowing the pieces in the shed out the back, to be surreptitiously deposited in the garbage over the coming weeks. The monitor, too, he dropped in the large green bin outside for the next week’s collection.
After placing the bedside table back in its rightful place and a quick run around with the vacuum cleaner, only a keen eye would spot any signs of trouble the night before.
He sat beside his wife on the couch and snuggled his head into her lap. She gently stroked his hair as the TV droned on in the background.
One by one, the kids came home from school. He asked them to come over for a hug, and apologised and explained that they did nothing wrong, that he was sick in the brain and needed help. He told them he loved them dearly. They hugged him back and said they loved him too. His eldest asked if he needed an icepack for his hand.
Perhaps a dark joke about the night before was made, nervous laughter broke the tension. They ate dinner and watched TV together, all on the one couch since the Ikea chair was gone. His kids snuggled in while they sat watching a movie on Netflix, and those earlier dark thoughts of ending it all seemed to fade away.
His shame remained, as did his guilt. But each step he took to piece things back together made the shame easier to bear. He managed to repair the stair rail with some tools and elbow grease. He replaced the broken monitor. The chair could wait, it was time to get something nicer anyway. Something too heavy to lift, preferably, his wife joked at him. He saw the humour, but he didn’t laugh.
He had a beast inside of him, always reminding him of its presence, and the man and father he tried to be every day felt like a fraud. But to their minds the beast was the interloper, it was the fraud that clawed its way out from time to time, and the real man and father was the guy who spent every day fighting to hold it in. They didn’t see the daily struggle, just the man who was husband and father.
He wanted to stop fighting the beast and just be himself, no more beast, so the next day he called a psychologist and spoke with them about what happened, his fears, his history. They didn’t judge him, they said they could help, and invited him in for his first session. Screw the cost, his shit needed to be dealt with properly, by a trained professional.
Then, he emailed work, who he’d ghosted for a whole day. This was the first time he felt that couldn't make some dumb excuse and get away with it. No more "I dropped my phone in the toilet" or "I forgot about it, gosh darn I'm so busy!" So, for the first time he opened up and explained (sans the gory details) what had happened, that he had mental health issues and had had a breakdown and needed some space to recover. He dreaded the response, surely he’d be out of a job. But instead, they replied saying they would support him in any way they could, that they loved working with him, and he could take as much time as he needed to get back on track.
The world that had looked so dark and terminal 48 hours prior suddenly again seemed normal, manageable. These weren’t life-ending events. They were serious, but they could be dealt with. Life would go on, there was literally no purpose to dying over this. Maybe some real therapy would help this time, and maybe the whole family should join in at some point.
Without his wife and kids, he feared what he might have done next. Maybe the shred of hope was a lie, but it was all he had to go by, and it had to be enough to see him through to the next day.
On a direct note - I am blessed to have a wife and kids that have put up with so much and yet still support me, and I know that I have a lot of work not just to fix myself but to support my family who have witnessed me doing some truly horrible things, especially my children who should not have to grow up knowing people are capable of such levels of unbridled fury. I have arranged professional therapy with a psychologist, and hope to work towards healing myself and my family. If she decides this is too much for her and wants to leave, then I will not stop her, at the same time I will not push her to do so. I have also suggested to her that she should consider counselling with the kids if she feels she needs it. I don't know how she deals with it, honestly. I am not proud and don't glorify what I did, but I can take steps to do something about it so I hope to never have to repeat this story again.
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The Devil’s Den (long)

Preface: this is adapted from a job interview question I once had. I embellished it with a story to make it more fun, but if that isn’t your thing, scroll all the way to the bottom for a nice, concise tl;dr version. The story adds a few little wrinkles so the answers to the story version will be a bit different.
After saving up all year, you finally arrive in Las Vegas, $10000 in your wallet ready to win you some big bucks. As you walk the Strip, trying to decide which casino to hit first, you happen to spot what looks like a utility closet door in an otherwise nondescript patch of wall between the glittering towers of the casinos. What catches your attention is the dingy, flickering red neon sign which reads The Devil’s Den. Curious, you open the door and step into the saddest looking “casino” (if you could call it that) you’ve ever seen. In the dim light you see a few run down looking slots, a deserted roulette wheel, and a single card table, all of which look as though they were salvaged cast-offs from the big casinos. The carpet is threadbare, worn down and in desperate need of cleaning. The place seems completely deserted and you immediately turn to leave when a figure steps out of the shadows in the far corner of the room. A pale man in a cheap white suit and a fedora hat quickly strides toward you, flashing a toothy grin.
“Welcome, my friend, to The Devil’s Den!” He says. “Please! Come in, come in!”
“Oh, sorry, I just saw the sign an popped in for a peek.. I’m actually headed over to Cesar’s Palace-“ you start to reply, but the grinning man interrupts.
“Pah! The Palace. Overrated! If you truly wish to win by your wits, this is the place to be, and no other, I assure you. Come in!”
“Uh, I don’t mean to sound rude but this place doesn’t look very-“
Again he interrupts, “Glamorous? Full of glitter and fun? Oh, I know... it’s seen better days. But the real action is behind that door over there.” He points across the room. “Through that door is a room with a briefcase with contents worth $11 million! It only costs $1 million to enter, and, if you can figure out how to get back out again within an hour, you can take the briefcase with it’s contents with you!”
“What do you mean, ‘figure out how to get back out’?” you ask.
“Oh, it’s just a little puzzle. I assure you, everything you need to figure it out is in the room.” his grin gets even wider.
“Well, I’m afraid I only have $10000.” you say, “It sounds intriguing, but I can’t afford the entry fee.”
“Oh... well... I think I can come up with a work around. You can pay out of your winnings if you solve it.” he says.
“And... if I don’t solve it?”
“Oh. Your soul will be the collateral.” he replies, grinning even wider still. “If you get stuck or can’t afford to pay up, I’ll just keep your soul. This IS The Devil’s Den, after all!”
You laugh (a little nervously). Perhaps this man is mad. Or perhaps you are. Suddenly, impulsively, you decide to go for it. “Ok, I’m game!” you say.
“Excellent!” he replies, clapping his hands together. For a brief moment, you could swear his eyes flashed red. He places a hand on your back and ushers you across the room to the door, opens it with a flourish, and shoves you inside.
“WAIT!” you shout, overwhelmed with the sense that you just made a terrible mistake. “I’ve changed my-“ SLAM! The door closes and an hourglass mounted above the door flips over, the trickling sand telling you that your time has started. You spend a panicky minute or so shouting to be let out, but there is no response. There’s no handle or knob on the door, either. Only a round cavity that looks like a small sphere would fit in it. You turn around and survey the room.
In the middle of the room is a table with 8 white billiard balls. The balls appear to be identical in every way. Next to the balls is a balance scale. The arm of the scale seems to be stuck. At the base of the scale is a slot with 4 symbols above it: $1m $2m $3m $4m. In front of the balls is a card that reads:
One of these balls is not like the others. One of these balls has a different weight. Place it in the door and you’ll walk away free. But choose wrongly and you’ll seal your fate.
You pick up the balls trying to judge their weight, but, of course, are unable to detect the difference with just your hands. You’ll have to use the scale, it seems.
On the floor beside the table is the briefcase. As you bend down to pick it up, you spot a Sharpie pen on the floor under the table. You pick it up and test it on the back of the card. It works fine. You then open the briefcase, expecting to see cash. Instead you see 11 poker chips. Each is inscribed with a $1m symbol. The chips are the same size as the slot on the balance scale. You try popping a chip in the slot. Immediately the $1m symbol on the scale flashes. And then disappears. The arm swings freely now. You think you see how it works. You can make one measurement using the scale and then it will freeze again. But the next measurement will cost 2 chips. And then 3...
Can you escape from this devilish room with your soul? How much money might you walk away with?
Addendum 1: The Devil has to follow strict rule when gaming for souls. He may present the truth in misleading ways but he may never outright lie.
Addendum 2: Added the Sharpie pen to the story. While not strictly necessary, it would definitely be helpful.
TL;DR You have a balance scale and 8 balls that are indistinguishable from each other. 7 balls have the same weight. One has a weight that is slightly different from the others (the difference is too small to detect by hand). What is the minimum number of measurements you need to make to be guaranteed to find the unique ball?
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poker chips

Is there a touch difference between cheep chips and more expensive
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A guide to manufacturing

A guide to manufacturing
I just received pre-production samples came in for my game. It's been a journey selecting materials and finishes and coordinating with manufacturers. I thought I'd share some interesting things I learned (along with some glamour shots ;) )(original thread)
[note, this thread was originally posted in another forum, but is being reposted here because it seems to better suit this community's purpose and guidelines]
All of the cards and pieces together
Linen vs Plain Finish
I printed samples in both linen and non-linen finishes. You can see the difference below. I and play-testers noticed that the UV-coating-only was a little slick and hard to pick up off the table.
I was warned about issues with image crispness when using linen finish. I didn't see any difference in crispness, but the finish does diffuse light, making the blacks a little less deep. This is definitely a trade off - I prefer the colors on the slick cards, but prefer the feel of the linen finish.
I've also gotten feedback from other game designers that linen finish can make your cards more prone to scratching and wear and tear. For that reason they recommend only going with linen finish for cards that aren't shuffled especially often.
I tried to take a photo where the effect of the UV coating plus linen finish on the glare pattern and color of the cards was apparent.
For contrast, here's the glare pattern when the cards have only the UV-protective coating without the linen finish
Different manufacturers may have different names for their finishes. If your manufacturer offers both 'varnish' and 'lamination', I believe the lamination is closer to what TheGameCrafter lists as 'UV protective coating'.

Paper Core and Weights
Did you know card printing uses special paper with a thin piece of opaque plastic in the middle? This prevents bleed-through and transparency. You can use black or white core, but black is more opaque and has better guarantees that card front printing won't be visible through the card. (White core is cheaper, though). Personally I don't think there's a good reason to go with white core, unless I guess if the cards will never need their information to be secret and you're very sure your back design is light enough that it won't show through.
Cards also come in different weights, measured in grams per square meter. TheGameCrafter prints 320gsm. Elsewhere I've found 310gsm to be more common and much easier to find. Here is the thickness difference for 10 cards of each paper weight:
The visual difference is minimal. I found the hand feel to be just barely noticeable. A little over half of the playtesters I surveyed said they could feel a difference once prompted.
difference in thickness between 320 gsm (left) and 310 gsm (right) paper

Bridge vs Poker Size
Another thing that is less standard than you might think is card size. Standard poker cards are 2.5"x3.5". Bridge cards (which you usually see in casinos, and may have played with more) are 2"x3.5". You can see the difference below:
Poker vs Bridge sized cards
I went with poker size because these cards have content that really shouldn't interact or interfere with each other. If you're looking to make card to put across the table poker size is a reasonable bet. If you plan for players to hold large hands of cards, consider bridge size.

Production in China
Remember that import duties, shipping, customization fees, and minimum order quantities exist. Shipping that I was quoted was typically on the order of $500+. As a rule of thumb I'd expect the final cost of an order to double or more above your initially quoted cost. This can still be cost effective, however, especially with larger orders.
I'd recommend for orders smaller than 80 or 100 consider on demand printing from US companies/suppliers. At sizes above that it becomes feasible to consider overseas manufacturers, depending on the specifics of your project.
Game Token Recommendations
I tested out several different kinds of tokens and have opinions. The cheapest you'll find are winks (also called bingo chips), but they are pretty small and pretty slick. Other options include smooth 23mm chips and clay or plastic poker chips.
translucent winks vs heavier ABS plastic chips vs opaque winks
My favorite are 23mm ones with knurling (grippy ribs on the sides), which is what I've decided to go with: if you've played No Thanks, they are the same kind of chips.
Things I think you should look for: an appropriate amount of heft, easy to pick up off the table, good size for how many you'll use. I think 23mm plastic is a good size and weight if you're going to use more than say 20 at a time or make a pile of them. For games with fewer pieces at a time, an unexplored estimation is that larger or heavier chips would make sense: plastic, clay, or wood - possibly closer to 3cm.
My parting piece of advice is that it's very important to get samples from the manufacturer before placing a large order. Typically the way this works is like a deposit against the final order: one sample is fairly expensive but the cost will be subtracted from the total amount you were originally quoted for the whole order. For me this came out to about $180. The purpose of the sample is to correct any errors the manufacturer made before you're stuck with the whole order of them. Assume they will make some.

I hope that helps! Feel free to ask me questions.This is a link to my game's page as well, if you'd like to hear more about that one specifically.
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Inside Underground NY Poker #9

I just figured out that you can subscribe to this series by viewing my profile and clicking on "Follow". The next new chapters will now show up in your feed as soon as they are posted.

If you'd like to see this story get produced, please consider pledging to my Patreon. More details there.
The link is
Thank you for all of your support.

Previous: Inside Underground NY Poker #8
Spades — 1.8
Walking into a casino, for the first time, can be quite an overwhelming experience. There’s so much going on — all of the flashing lights, various sounds, the diverse amount of people flowing throughout, the list goes on. No matter where you look, there’s always something going on that can potentially pique your curiosity. Of course, at this time in the midsummer of 2007, I hadn’t a clue of what to expect. I had yet to step foot inside a real casino.

When Chris called and invited me to go with him on a road trip up to Turning Stone, my mood was not only of excitement, it was also flowing with curiosity. I figured that making the drive up to Turning Stone would not only be a great deal of fun, but would also be an excellent opportunity to learn more about professional casino poker.

During my phone conversation with Chris, we agreed that we would make the road trip up there after we finished our Sunday shifts at Spades. This gave us about 24 hours to gather up our buddies and put together a crew. Our main goal was to crush some live action cash games there, but we also wanted to let loose and party. I didn’t yet know it, but my version of partying was vastly different from Chris’ version.

I made some calls and sent some texts, and not too long after, had a few of my closest friends confirm that they were going to come on the trip. I was the youngest of my social circle in high school, still being only 17 at the time. All of the other guys were already 18, so legally, they wouldn’t have a problem at Turning Stone.

If you don’t know, Turning Stone Resort & Casino is located on an Indian Reservation, and as such, the gambling laws of New York state do not apply there — the legal gambling age there is 18, as set by the law of the land.

Now, since I was still only 17, this presented a potential problem. However, I looked a bit older than I actually was, and I also had a fake ID that I had been using for a while. Chris was also incredibly confident that it wouldn’t be a problem whatsoever — he even offered to lay me a bet with 3 to 1 odds for $100, that at no point would I be unable play because of my age. I declined the bet of course, not wanting to jinx myself.

In 2007, Turning Stone was a “dry” casino, which meant that they didn’t serve any alcohol. However, you were allowed to bring your own, and could indulge yourself to your own desire. As of today, this is no longer the case, but that’s the way it was back then.

We calculated that the drive would take us about 4.5 hours, not entirely too long by road trip standards, but could be enough of a mental strain that could potentially effect our ability to play poker, upon arrival. Given that both Chris and I would be dealing right up until our departure, we had made arrangements to take two cars in order to accommodate our entire crew. In exchange for each of us paying for the gas and tolls on the drive up to Turning Stone, neither of us would have to drive — this would allow us to rest up a bit.

My group of buddies consisted of four of my closest friends — Brian, Theo, Max, and Scott. I had brought Theo around to Spades more than a few times, and he regularly played poker, unlike the others. However, he wasn’t very good, but he was very lucky, and he had no interest in studying the game. He got better the more he played, but was by all means, a fish. He loved to gamble, and blackjack was his favorite game — most likely not a coincidence.

I had invited Andy to tag along as well, but he wasn’t interested and declined — he instead made me a standing offer, an open invitation if you will, to go crush poker in Atlantic City, where there was better action and nicer casinos. However, the offer was only good if we would be going to seriously grind poker. This was an offer that I would later redeem.

Chris had assembled his boys just as I had — three experienced poker players and gamblers, each in their early 20’s, just like Chris. The youngest of his crew was Rich, who was 21, and the two others were Derek and Joe, either 23 or 24 years old.

Finally, our plans were set and the rooms were booked. We’d all be staying for 3 nights and 2 days in two, separate, 2 queen bed suites. I was anxious, yet excited, and I seriously wanted to book a win in the poker room, considering it would be my first casino poker room session.

Sunday finally arrives, and I had decided to wake up a few hours early so that I could stock up on booze and weed. My buddies and I had agreed to split the cost of everything — 4 bottles of Smirnoff, an ounce of Sour Diesel, and four 24-packs of Coors Light. In retrospect, this was probably entirely too much for 3 nights at a casino, but what did we know? I wasn’t a big smoker at the time, although I would partake, but I did enjoy drinking when the time was appropriate to let loose.

While on my way driving to Spades, I hear my phone ring — it’s Chris.

“Hey dude, you on your way to the club?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in about 15 minutes. I just finished running some last minute errands, stocked up on booze and weed for the trip.”

“Awesome. I’m good to go on my end, too. By the way, my plan is to splash around in the $1/$2 or $2/$5 games Turning Stone spreads. I’m bringing $10k.”

“What?! $10k??? Why?!”

“Well, dude, I’m gonna hit the pits too and play some blackjack and craps. We’ll crush some poker first, then afterwards maybe you’ll hit the pits with me.”

“I dunno, man. I’m only gonna bring $2k in total, and that’s for all my costs. Maybe I’ll assign half of that to my poker roll for the trip.”

“You should probably stick to $1/$2 then, and save some of your roll for blackjack, to try and run it up.”

“Alright, sounds good. I’ll see you at the club in a bit.”

I wasn’t convinced about hitting the pits to play table games, but then again, I surely wanted to make the most out of my first casino experience.

I arrive at Spades, set up for the Sunday afternoon tournament, and put in the hours for my shift. I wind up dealing the final table, and the tournament ends at around 11PM. Chris was dealing cash, but we had both made sure to get Vinny’s approval to leave early and take off for the next few days. It wasn’t really an issue for me, being that once the tournament was over, it meant my job was done, and I was free to have a good night. However, Chris made sure to get another dealer to cover for him, both the rest of the night and until we got back from our trip.

Chris and I walk outside to the parking lot — it’s time to go pick everyone up. We each get into our cars and drive off to scoop up each one of our buddies. An hour or so later, I shoot Chris a text letting him know that I’m about to start the drive up to Verona, NY, which was where Turning Stone is located. He responds, telling me that he had already started the journey about 10 minutes prior, and that he’ll call me when he gets there.

I have Theo take the wheel and get into the driver’s seat, as I jump into the back to close my eyes to try and clear my head for what’s about to come. Without making any stops, we finish the drive in just under 4.5 hours. We can see the illuminated, brightly colored sign — “Turning Stone Casino”, and my heart begins to pump just a little bit faster. I’m beginning to get excited. At this point, it was around 4:30AM. Sure, I was a bit tired, but the excitement and novelty of my first casino experience was keeping my adrenaline pumping.

I give Chris a call, letting him know that we’re about to park our car, and head into the casino towards the check-in area.

“Chris, we’re here man! This place is awesome!”

“I know dude, we got here about a half hour ago. I’m in my room changing, getting ready to go play some cards. Did you check-in yet?”

“Not yet, we’re about to head over to the check-in desk and get our room keys. I’m pretty tired man, are you sure it’s a good idea to go play right now?”

“Don’t worry about that, I already scoped out the room. There’s some good action going on in both $1/$2 and $2/$5. I already put our name’s on the lists. Text me when you’re done getting settled in, but drop by room after. Make sure you come alone.”

“Okay… I’m gonna tell my boys that we’re gonna play some poker for a little bit, while they hit the casino floor. My buddy Theo might want to join us. I’m not sure though, I have to ask him. My boys will probably want to get nice and toasty before they head out of the room.”

“Sounds good dude, don’t take too long. See you in a bit.”

My friend Scott handles the check-in, puts the incidentals coverage under his credit card, and I make sure to get a copy of the room key for myself. We head up to the room, we all change into presentable, formal, evening attire, and I crack open a beer, along with everyone else. I ask everyone what they plan on doing for the next few hours, while suggesting that I’ll be preoccupied playing cards in the poker room. This was nothing but expected, they all knew how often I played poker.

Everyone unanimously agrees that they want to hit the pits and gamble, of course, after they get hammered in the room. I casually ask Theo if he’s interested in playing poker with Chris and I, but he declines, saying that he’s not in the mood and would rather play tomorrow night, if at all.

I finish my beer, but not before forcing everyone to agree to a bet, in order to make things more interesting — whoever comes back to the room as the biggest loser gets $50 each from everyone else. We unanimously decide that it’s actually a decent idea, and everyone agrees. I leave our room and head towards Chris’ suite.

I arrive at Chris’ door, and I give it quick, but firm knock. A few seconds later, the door opens, and I find that there’s nobody in the room except Chris. All of his buddies had already gone downstairs, and were gambling on the casino floor. I tell him I’m pretty tired, and then I ask him why he wanted me to come alone.

“Chris, I’m pretty tired, man. You sure we should go play?”

“100%. I told you, I already scoped out the games that are running. The stacks are big and there’s some good money to be made.”

“Alright, fine. But, why did you want me to come here alone, by the way? Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, dude. Here, I wanted to give you this. Take two of these, you’ll be in the zone while you play for the next 8 hours.”

“What kind of pills are these? What are they going to do?” — I had never really taken drugs or pills before, other than drinking and smoking weed occasionally. I did, however, try Mushrooms earlier during the summer, and that was fun, but was completely inexperienced when it came to pharmaceuticals, or any other drugs for that matter.

“It’s Adderall, it’s a stimulant. They’re 20mg each, take two of them. It’ll make you much more focused and able to concentrate on the game for the next 8 hours or so. You might feel a bit more chatty, and it’ll kill your appetite, but I promise you, it’ll give you an edge. All those players down there right now are tired and worn out from playing. These will put you in the zone, if you know what I mean.”

“Fuck it, I’ll give it a shot. We came to have a good time anyway. I’m not gonna lose control of myself, am I?”

“Hah, no, dude. It’s nothing like that. They prescribe this stuff to people who have trouble focusing and paying attention. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. You’ll feel them start to work in about 45 minutes to an hour.”

Chris hands me two, orange-colored, oval shaped pills, and I swallow them dry. I had stashed $1k into the safe in my room before I left, and I had the other $1k in my pocket. We leave his room and head downstairs to make our way through the casino and into the poker room.

I was in a state of awe. This was by far the biggest poker room I had ever been in, up until this point. There must have been at least 30 tables. There were only a handful of games going during our arrival, but still, seeing everything all neat, organized, and ready for action, made me think about what this place would be like during peak hours.

I check out the $1/$2 game that’s going, and I see that the buy-in structure is not at all what I was expecting. It’s a $50 min and $200 max. Sure, there’s a few deep stacks on the table, but I felt like this game was much smaller than what I was used to playing. I decide that it’s going to be far too difficult to make any significant amount of money, unless I end up on the good side of a cooler. Overall, it would be a bad move to sit in this game.

On the other hand, the $2/$5 game that was running had a $200 min and $500 max buy-in. This was definitely more up my alley. Several players had stacks with at least $1k, and the average was probably right around the max, conveniently right around $500. With several players sitting deep and a couple of short stacks on the table, I come to the conclusion that this is the game I want to play, as I’m fairly certain that I have a decent shot at making some money at this table.

Chris had already put our name’s on the lists for both games when he had arrived earlier, so it wasn’t too long until our names were called. We were going to be sitting at the same table, and of course, made an agreement that if we were to get heads-up in a hand, either of us would make only one bet, and then check it down the rest of the way if the other called the bet. We weren’t there to take each other’s rolls, but if there were other players in the hand, then we weren’t going to soft play each other, nor try and sandwich anyone out of a pot.

Finally, my name is called, about 20 minutes after Chris had taken his seat, and I head over to the cage to buy $500 worth of chips — $280 in red, $200 in green, and $20 in white. Something I’ve always liked doing, still to this day, is buying at least a full stack of $1 chips.

The poker room had relatively nice chips, and I found them to be most excellent. They had a comfortable weight, handled nicely, and displayed a decent aesthetic design on them. They were definitely of a higher quality than any of the chips that the underground clubs used. That’s not to say that the clubs used cheap chips — of course, a few did, however only the casinos would purchase Paulson chips, which are the industry standard, despite them costing over $1 each chip.

I take my seat at the table, and all of a sudden, I feel this intense rush of energy. It felt like someone had turned my brain up to 11. Woah — I felt my eyes widen.

I introduce myself to the table, and I notice that I’m much more talkative than my normal self. However, I was able to maintain and participate in a fully-engaged conversation, while not missing a single detail of the action that was unfolding during each hand. I could multi-task like never before. I was faster at thinking through hands, I noticed more tells being telegraphed than ever before, and I was aware of the fact that my observations were razor-sharp. It felt like I had been wearing blinders up until this point, and now they were gone.

I was more astute than I had ever been before, accurately being able to predict who was going to play a hand, and who was going to fold, before they even made their action. I was paying attention to the game in the same way I would as if I was dealing it. I’d observe each player in turn, then move on to the next when their action was made.

I would also catch things out of the corner of my eye — a player’s posture suddenly becoming erect, while they would then immediately try to look disinterested, as they used their hands to protect their cards in such a manner that was subtle, yet distinct from their normal method of handling their cards. It was blatantly obvious to me now, when a player would deviate from their normal patterns of playing, behaving, speaking, bet sizing, time usage, and so forth.

I was playing really well. All of my value bets were getting called, my bluffs were getting through, and alarm bells would ring in my head, either to alert me of a perfect spot to make a squeeze play, or if something about the hand didn’t “seem right”. Something I definitely noticed about the Adderall, was that it made me feel much more confident in the plays that I made. It was much easier to pull the trigger, and when I did, I felt certain that my timing was right.

My range was also wider than it normally was. I was playing more hands, going for thin value on the river when I would normally check back, and had no problem laying down strong hands preflop, when I was sure I was behind, but would normally be too stubborn to let it go.

My session was going very well. Incredibly well, in fact. I made several huge hero calls, and I applied intense pressure on opponents who I deemed capable of folding, only to pick up pots I could never win at showdown.

About 3.5 hours had gone by at this point, and within the last hour a new player had taken a seat. His name was Duke, at least, that’s what other players were calling him. This guy was super aggro. He was opening every other hand, raising every C-Bet a player would make, and would just bully people out of the pot by shoving the river or bombing the turn with a $300 bet.

The majority of the table was getting annoyed with Duke. Whenever they would fold, they felt like he was bluffing with air, however, when they would inevitably get frustrated and make the call, he would actually have it, and get massive value. During the course of about an hour, he amassed a stack totaling around $900. He had absolutely no fear, and the money at stake, to him, was evidently insignificant. From his perspective, it seemed as if he was playing for, what you and I, would consider pennies.

I folded quite a few strong hands to his preflop 3-bets — AQ, TT, 88, and QJs. I would open to $15 or $20, and he would re-pop me to 4x or 5x. I even open folded AKo on an Ace-high, 3-flush board on the turn when he check-raised me all-in, only to show me complete air.

That was enough for me, this wasn’t going to continue — not tonight. I had now decided that I was going to be as patient as necessary, and only get involved in a pot with him if the situation was favorable to trap him. You can’t bully a player when the money at stake means far less to him than it does to you. Subsequently, you can’t get value from that same player who is good enough to recognize that you’re only showing him aggression when you have it — they’ll just fold instead of blasting off, knowing that you’re praying that they’ll come over the top.

About an hour and a half later, it was around 10AM now, and I had built my stack up to around $1200. Duke was sitting on just about the same, though slightly less, about $1100. He was still bullying people out of pots, and the majority, if not everyone else at the table was clearly annoyed with him. Low limit players often become angry when they encounter an opponent whose style of play isn’t within the same paradigm as their own. The key is to be capable of adjusting your own style of play.

Finally, preparation meets opportunity, and I pick up pocket Aces in UTG+1. I raise to $15, and of course get 3-bet by Duke in the Lojack to $60. The button cold calls, and for a split-second, I almost 4-bet, but I resisted what almost felt like a reflex, and decided to just call.

The flop comes A5A — I flop Quad Aces! That was the first time I ever flopped quads, let alone quad aces. I stick to my game plan of trapping, and I check my quads over to Duke, who also checks. The button checks as well, and we see a turn of a black 4.

The board now being A5A4 rainbow — every fiber of my being is burning on the inside, trying to tell me to start getting some value and make a bet to build a pot. Again, I resist, and check it. Both Duke and the button check back.

The river comes in, a red 9. The complete board run-out is A5A49 rainbow.

I check, again, for the 3rd time. Duke fires out $200 into the pot of $187, the button snap folds, and I immediately snap-shove on him for a total of around $1140. He looks completely perplexed, and then goes deep into the tank. Not a single player had yet displayed this level of aggression against him.

He’s now been thinking for about 6 or 7 minutes, and he announces to the table that he’s sorry he’s taking so long, but he needs some more time and has a decision here. Some random player chimes in, telling him to take all the time he wants, it’s the biggest pot of the night.

Another 3 minutes go by, and I’m starting to get agitated now. It’s been at least 10 minutes, the dealer is clearly annoyed, enough is enough. I call for the clock. The floor comes over and gives Duke the “countdown” speech, informing him that he has 30 seconds to make a decision.

Before the floor even begins the countdown, Duke announces, “CALL”.

Under the influence of the Adderall, I assume, I inexplicably get the impulse to table my hand similar to the way a blackjack dealer would table their cards.

I pull both cards adjacent to each other, now sitting side by side. Using one finger, I flip one of the Aces face up, and then use that same Ace to slide it underneath the other, and flip up the remaining facedown Ace. I somehow managed to pull this off with such finesse, that it all happened in one, smooth, fluid motion. It was most certainly a rare form of poker showboating, and it was an incredibly cocky, and unnecessary thing to do, however I just couldn’t help myself. I had just decimated the guy who was running over every single player.

The entire table is shocked to see that I reveal flopped quad Aces. Even more surprised, is Duke. He is absolutely stunned to his core. He tables Jack high. I immediately stand up from my chair, and lean in closer towards the table, while rubbing my eyes to confirm — yes, indeed. Jack high.

“You triple checked flopped quad aces.” — the tone of his speech indicating a statement, not even close to what asking a question would sound like, as if he was in disbelief of what had just happened.

“Yes, sir.”

“I just called you with Jack high.” — again, it seemed as if he was confirming, for himself, the reality of the situation that had just occurred.

“Yeah, you did, but why?”

“I couldn’t put you on a hand, and I thought that you had finally had enough of me pushing you out of pots. It didn’t make sense, how could you have anything there when you checked the whole way?”

“I took a risk, and I just figured that you would eventually try and steal it.”

“I’m not even mad, kid. Well played, very clever. I salute you.”

The dealer ships me Duke’s entire stack, plus the pot, and I toss him two green birds. I quickly start to stack all of the chips while I fold the next hand, and then I get up from the table, as does Chris.

“Dude! What a sick fucking play! What in the fuck! Triple checking quad aces?!!?!?”

“I know, right? I was waiting all night for that moment. I got stupid lucky that he called. I have no idea why he called me with Jack high. I mean, I heard what he said, but still, why? How?”

“You figured him out, dude. Plain and simple. Really nice play, I’m impressed. I don’t think I could ever have triple checked that.”

“Thanks, Chris. I think it was just the Adderall. I just felt like I absolutely knew that he was going to do exactly the same thing that he has been doing all night. Whenever he senses weakness, he bombs the river. I wasn’t expecting him at all to call my shove, but I knew that if I bet into two players while out of position, on an ace-paired board, after calling a 4x 3-bet from Duke with the button cold calling, they would both fold.”

“That actually makes a lot of sense. Great play, dude. Seriously, that was just sick. Let’s get out of here and see what the other guys are up to.”

Chris and I cash out, and we leave the poker room. I ran $500 up to about $2300. Chris booked a nice win himself, running $500 up to $1.1k. We both tipped the cashier behind the cage $10 each.

The two of us are still wired from the Adderall, but now only physically stimulated, and not at all under the influence whatsoever. Sleeping is not going to be an option, so we decide to head back to my room, and get to work on polishing off a few beers.

I insert the keycard into my room’s key slot, and slowly open the door, as I hear a circus of ruckus coming from inside the room.

All of the guys are inside — Theo, Brian, Max, Scott, Rich, Derek, and Joe — they’d gone through two bottles of Smirnoff, a bottle of Jameson that Rich had brought over, a 24-pack of Coors Light, a ton of the weed, and had now moved on to blow, which one of Chris’ buddies had scored from someone in the casino.

As far as I knew, none of my friends had ever done coke before. I certainly hadn’t. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves, though, and who was I to judge? I had just played an intensely long poker session on some drug I had never heard of before, I won a bunch of money, all was good, and so I just went with the flow and chalked it up to an isolated incident on a vacation-like casino trip.

I asked my boys who had lost the most money, both as a way to settle the bet, and to make a subtle brag about how much I had won playing poker. I wasn’t surprised at all — Brian was the biggest loser, totaling a net loss of a measly, yet exact, $100.

He was by far the cheapest person out of all of my friends. He would always argue down to the penny when it came to splitting checks, or getting reimbursed for fronting money for a purchase. Indeed, he sure was cheap, but he wasn’t at all stupid. He made sure that the other 3 guys — Theo, Max, and Scott — lost less than he did so that he could come out ahead on the bet. Of course, he took a gamble by not knowing the status of my winnings, but the worst that could happen was that he would either lose $100 or book a win taking a gamble with it. The 4 of us each paid up, $50 each, and he offset his $100 loss with a $200 gain, for a net profit of $100.

We all continued to drink, I tried a few lines myself, and everyone stayed up until the upcoming evening — it was now time to go gamble again. So, what did we do? We drank even more, smoked a blunt, and finished off the 8-ball of blow.

The 9 of us were thoroughly bombed. Any and all traces of our decision making skills were completely distorted.

Joe was playing $100 flips with Derek — they would cut a deck of cards and whoever cut to the higher card would win. Rich was playing beer pong with Scott for $50 a match, Theo, Max, and Brian were playing $20 rolls of C-Lo with dice that they had bought from the gift shop, and Chris and I were having a pipe dream discussion about how much we were going to win playing blackjack in the next hour.

About 30 minutes later, all of us, while undoubtedly lacking full consciousness, head down to the casino floor and make our way into the pits.

This time, I brought my entire roll, and so did Chris.

The first thing we did was stagger over to a roulette table, only to sloppily introduce ourselves to the dealer.

“Hey sweetheart, listen, we need your help. Black or red?”

“Are you trying to ask me whether I think you should bet on black or red?”

“Ya, of course. You know how you’ve been spinning that ball. Black or red? Which are you feeling?”

Chris and I both take out our rolls and count out $1,000 each.

“Whatever you pick, sweetheart. If we win, you get 10%. If we lose, you think you could get us a comp for 9 to the Wildflowers restaurant?”

“Put it on black, boys. How about we just concentrate on winning for the time being?”

“Let’s do it! $2,000 on black!”

With a quick flick of her forefinger, the dealer launches the tiny ball into motion, and it begins to spin around and around the track of the roulette wheel. The dealer waves her hand over the table to close the action.

“No more bets!”

To be continued…

Next: Inside Underground NY Poker #10
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Metal Coins for Board Games, A Compulsion - Part II

Part II: In this half of this article, I discuss generic metal coin manufacturers and other options for adding metal currency to your games. Check out Part I for more info about games that include metal coins and coins designed with a specific game in mind.
Edit: I've fixed the image link for the "new" Terraforming Mars cubes. Thanks to u/halfisglassfull for pointing out the error.
Back in 2016, I posted an article under my other username (u/Luke_Matthews) about my obsession with adding metal coins to board games, which you can read here:
Board Games and Metal Coins, An Obsession
What started as a diversion became an obsession, and since that article bloomed into a full-on compulsion. I’ve upgraded over 60 games with unique metal coins and currency, and I’d like to share the current state of this compulsion and what I’ve learned along the way.
It’s such a strange thing, because metal coinage is a purely aesthetic upgrade. They don’t change game mechanics or offer any extension to the gameplay experience. Even so, deluxe editions have proven there’s a market for aesthetic upgrades, and metal coins have grown into one of the most popular.
I have fallen down the rabbit hole of adding unique, thematic coins for each individual game. This approach is not for everyone. If, instead, you’re interested in adding generic coins you can keep aside and use for multiple games, I’ll talk about what sets I think are the best for that purpose at the end of this article.
For now, let’s get on with the show! GAME TITLES ARE LINKS TO PHOTOS. For a more user-friendly image browsing experience, view this post on my website or on BoardGameGeek.
NOTE: There is no way this will be an exhaustive list of all the metal coins available. I’ll talk about coins I have direct personal experience with, as well as make notes of other coins I don’t have and why I don’t have them. There will likely be a lot of coins not included here, and I encourage you to add your own experiences and pictures in the comments.


Fantasy Coin is one of the first companies I encountered making a range of different coin styles specifically for gaming applications, without tying them to specific games. Of all the coin manufacturers out there, Fantasy Coin are definitely my favorite. Their coins are thick and heavy with fantastic finishes and colors, and come in a wide array of fantasy and sci-fi themes.
Getting ahold of Fantasy Coin’s products can be a bit fraught, though, as their primary source of income tends to be Kickstarter. Their website frequently sells out, and as their stocks dwindle, they’ll run another Kickstarter to replenish. Once one of their Kickstarters ends and ships, they’ll typically have stock which can be ordered directly from their website, but be warned you might have to do a little research to find out when more are available.
They’ve had some logistical problems with a couple of their Kickstarter campaigns, but for the most part they’re really good at fulfilling them. Their latest campaign was really well handled, and I think they’ve done a great job of addressing their past issues. Some previous backers, IMO, go a little overboard blaming them for mistakes, but forgiveness is not a typical trait of spurned backers.
Don’t listen to the haters. Fantasy Coin’s products are genuinely amazing and come at a great price, especially if you get them in bulk from Kickstarter.


I spent a long time trying to decide what coins I’d get for Alchemists. Since it only really requires one denomination, I had a ton of options (the Charterstone coins are a phenomenal choice, FYI). I decided on these coins from FC’s “Magic” set.


Caverna’s one of the first games I upgraded with FC coins, and I have WAY too many coins for the game. They’re real nice, though, all from FC’s “Dwarven” set.


Originally, these coins resided in my copy of Lords of Xidit. They’re a great, generic fantasy theme, so can go in many games. Once I picked up the Roll Player coins, though, I thought those were a better fit for LoX, so I moved these over to Clank. And they’re a perfect fit!

Five Tribes

This is probably one of my favorite upgrades using FC coins. I couldn’t find any really good, affordable Arabic- or Middle East-themed coins (at the time, there are some now), so I decided to lean into the fantasy side for Five Tribes. The silver coins are from FC’s “Serpent” set, and the golds are from their “Air Elemental” set. I think both work really well as representations of djinn.
Some people complain, when using coins like this for Five Tribes, you can’t hide their denominations. If it’s important to you to do so, I suggest getting either pouches or player screens to keep the coins hidden. However, I’ve never once found open money to have a significant impact on the game, so we just don’t bother.


I was originally planning on putting the old Brass coins into my copy of Lancaster, but when FC launched their latest Kickstarter and I saw their “Nottingham” set, I just couldn’t resists such a perfect thematic match.


Lunarchitects doesn’t actually have currency in-game, but one of the other great uses for metal coins is as victory point chits. Lunarchitects has a LOT of VP chits, and I definitely went overboard here, but it’s such a great game and I love these “Sci-Fi” coins from FC.


There are actually several different options for Japanese themed coins, including the Yokohama metal coins and Artana’s Japanese set (which you’ll see in the next section). I chose to go with Fantasy Coin’s “Feudal Japan” coins for Nippon, because I just love the way they look.

Race/Roll for the Galaxy

Here’s another couple of games without currency, but for which I’ve replaced the VP chits with metal coins. In this instance, I don’t think I went overboard at all, and these “Credits” coins from FC are just an amazing aesthetic upgrade for two classic games.


Yedo is one of my wife’s all-time favorite games, and ranks high in the worker placement genre for me. So, naturally, I bought the same “Feudal Japan” coins I used for Nippon for my copy of Yedo.


While Fantasy Coin is the company you’d turn to for fantastical and sci-fi-themed coins, Artana’s where you go when you’re looking for something with a more historical bent. While they don’t mimic specific real-world coinage, their designs evoke real-world cultures and time periods, which make them a fantastic choice for your average Eurogame. They tend to be lighter and thinner than Fantasy Coin, but not in a bad way. They also have 5 different sizes and finishes, from “Tiny” – which live up to their name – to “Jumbo” which are larger than a US half-dollar.
Artana’s coins used to only be available via Kickstarter, but they’ve since shifted their model to selling through game-bling websites like The Broken Token and Top Shelf Gamer. Since many coin manufacturers still rely on periodic crowd-funding to release new products, Artana’s consistent availability makes them unique.
I have just as many Artana coins as Fantasy Coin, and for good reason: they’re awesome. I’m primarily a Eurogame player so their coins are a thematic match for a lot of games I own. Their price-point is roughly the same as Fantasy Coin – on the lower end of the spectrum, overall – although because they have five different sizes and styles in every coin set, the price point varies depending on what specific coins you buy.


I’m still genuinely surprised at how perfect Artana’s “Ancient Greek” coins are for Akrotiri. The specific motif perfectly matches the designs in the game, and I couldn’t ask for more.


For Archipelago I wanted coins fitting a 1700’s nautical aesthetic. These are from Artana’s “Pirate Ships” theme. The other coins in the set were a little too “skull and crossbones” for what I wanted (although colonizers ARE just another form of pirate), but I thought these two coins fit the theme really well.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig

I mean, these “Early English Kings” coins aren’t technically thematically appropriate. But I had them and figured I’d toss them in with a game set in 1800’s Bavaria because… well because the game needed some coins.


Got a game set in ancient Rome? Get some “Ancient Roman” coins!


Again, near-perfectly themed coins from Artana’s “Persia & Asia Minor” theme. I really like the way these coins look with Istanbul.


Artana’s “Middle Ages” theme is great for a game set… in the middle ages. They’re a little more Anglo-Saxon than Frank or Norman, but no one’s ever really going to notice. Ystari games once made coins for Caylus which were a perfect thematic match for Troyes; alas, they are no longer available.

The Voyages of Marco Polo

These are the first Artana coins I ever picked up, from their “Renaissance” theme, and they couldn’t look better in this game.


Really, any of the Japanese-themed metal coins I’ve seen or owned – from the Tokaido coins to Fantasy Coin’s “Feudal Japan” theme – would work well in Yamatai. But as beautiful as this game is, I wanted something with a bit more variety. Artana’s “Japanese” theme fit the bill perfectly.

Giochix Historical Coins

I’m a little torn on the Giochix Historical Coins. On the one hand, they’re nice sizes and weights, and they feel and sound great. On the other hand, they’re not really filling any sort of necessary niche. Artana has the “historical” space covered pretty well, and Fantasy Coin’s selection of SFF themes is pretty universal. If they were going to create specifically thematic coins, I wish they’d have filled some of the holes in this tiny industry, or just gone completely generic, which actually would’ve fit their physicality a little better.
All that said, Giochix did manage to create a couple of themes I found useful, specifically their “Pre-Colombian” theme, which is an area of the world other companies have neglected. It is, however, pretty niche, and I understand why they chose to make more applicable themes for Eurogames.
I only have two minor gripes: First, the shiny finish – while not necessarily bad in and of itself – does make the denominations a little hard to tell apart at a distance. Second, the relief on the faces of the coins is very shallow, looking much more like modern Euros than anything fantastical or historical. The problem this leads to is making it very difficult to differentiate coins from different themes, but if they’re assigned to a specific game this shouldn’t really be an issue. (It’s only an issue for nutty people like me who have this many different coin sets.)
They’re a good price, coming in at about 24¢ (US) per coin, which is on the low end of the scale. Their affordability goes a long way to ameliorate the complaints I have. Now, it’s just a matter of figuring out their availability outside Kickstarter.


There aren’t many coins out there with a South/Central American theme, so when Giochix made their “Pre-Colombian” set, I knew I had to put some in my copy of Altiplano.

Lost Cities: The Board Game

Uh… same.

Heaven & Ale

Okay, so it’s a bit of a stretch to have Giochix’s “Spanish Colonial” set representing Heaven & Ale, a game about beer-brewing monks more likely set in Germany or Belgium, but there were Benedictine monasteries on the Iberian peninsula, so I’m just gonna run with it.

Isle of Skye

“Celtic Apogee”. Can’t be a better fit. As a side note, the metal coins for Clans of Caledonia would also be a great match for Isle of Skye, but I wanted to differentiate the two.

Lorenzo Il Magnifico

This very Italian game deserved some perfectly-themed “Medieval Italian” coinage.

Roman Coins

Since I got these sets in bulk from Giochix’s Kickstarter, I ended up also getting their “Ancient Rome” set. But I have no game to put it in. I would be suitable for Concordia or Trajan or any game set in Ancient Rome, but I already have coins in Concordia, and no other game with a Roman setting at the moment. Here’s a picture anyway.


Sometimes, fake coins either aren’t the answer or aren’t available. If you can’t find fake coins for your games, the best option might be actual currency, either historical or current. I’ve used real currency in 5 games, so far.
The real problem with acquiring real currency, especially if it’s historical or foreign (I’m in the US), is availability and price. Most of the time you’re not going to find it any cheaper than fake coinage, and getting enough coins in large enough lots to use for board games can sometimes be a chore. If you’re willing to do the extra legwork, though, you can get ahold of some really nice coins.

Ukrainian Kopiyka/Hryvna

When I published the original version of this article, I saw people shortly after talking about Ukrainian coinage for games. I followed through on picking some up, because they are INSANELY cheap in this context, running about 8¢ per coin. Which, incidentally, is massively higher than the exchange rate for some of them, but still massively cheaper than fake coinage. The design is pretty, and is the same across all the kopiykas, and they come in all the standard European denominations.
There’s a problem, though. The 1s and 10s are extremely small, thin, and light. Smaller and thinner than a dime, and significantly lighter. For me, this is a massive issue, for a number of reasons. They’re so small and thin I actually have trouble picking them up, which makes them frustrating to use. But more importantly, they’re not really an aesthetic upgrade from punchboard coins. Every time I used them, I found myself disappointed and just wanting to go back to the cardboard ones.
There is one MASSIVE exception here: the Ukrainian 1 Hryvna coins, which I’ll detail below under “Village”.

Camel Up

I put a set of these in Camel Up, and that’s what I’m using for the pictures. But, honestly, I’m going to replace them very soon.


The unlike the kopiykas, the 1 Hryvna coins are actually pretty fantastic. They’re a little bigger than a quarter, and they’re really beautiful. You’ll have to cope with a very, very Orthodox design, and they’re obviously only good for games with a single denomination. But all those features make them really perfect for Village, a game with a small number of single denomination coins and a church as a major part of the theme!

Le Havre/Le Havre: The Inland Port

I couldn’t find good, fake coins for Le Havre, so I just bought real ones! These are WWII-era aluminum “Emergency Coins” from France, and they’re absolutely fantastic. They’re a little light, being made from aluminum, but they’re beautiful and thematic, even if the time period is a little off.
Beware, though: There are two different kinds of these coins. Some are from the French Republic, occupied in WWII by the Germans but still opposed to them, and some are from Vichy France, a French state who became collaborationists with the Germans. You can tell them apart (both physically and in ideology) by their mottos: The Republic coins say “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” (or “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”), where the Vichy coins say “Travail, Famille, Patrie” (or “Work, Family, Fatherland”. YEAH).
Don’t get the Nazi-adjacent coins.

Grand Austria Hotel

Good Austrian coins for games are hard to find at a good price. The thematic ones – especially for a game like Grand Austria Hotel – are prohibitively expensive. Granted, it’s not entirely necessary to replace the money tracks in GAH, but I wanted to anyway.
I ended up picking up a bunch of semi-modern Austrian Groschen. They’re a little small, and they might be too modern for the theme, but they’re Austrian and that’s enough for me.

Great Western Trail

I absolutely can’t take credit for this particular idea. I saw a reply on BGG from user TRONOFOTHEDEAD with the idea of using Indian Head Pennies and Buffalo Nickels for Great Western Trail, and I followed suit. I gotta say, I *love* these coins for this game, especially the 2-cent coin as the round marker.
This is a rather expensive upgrade. The bulk of the coins aren’t too bad. The Buffalo Nickels are actually only about 7¢ per coin, but the Indian Head Pennies run about 60¢ each. The two, together, average about 37¢ per coin, which is on the high end, but not terrible.
It’s the 2-cent coin which really breaks things, though. I paid $14 for the 2-cent coin alone, the common price range is for coins in not great shape. To be fair, when shopping for coins like these, you’re rarely going to get coins in decent shape at these prices. This is the cost for what are called “culls”, or coins collectors have separated out as junk and are selling in bulk because they’re not collectible.
But they’re perfect for board games!
As a side note, the metal coins for Montana: Heritage Edition are a near-perfect thematic match for Great Western Trail, if Big Kid Games decides to sell them at retail.

Russian Railroads

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect upgrade than these. The included coins are clearly modeled after rubles, so real rubles are a great replacement. This set was comparatively expensive, costing me about $18 for 20 coins, but since I only needed those 20 and they were so thematically perfect, I bit the bullet.
The problem, now, is 90’s era rubles are pretty difficult to find. I tried searching for them on eBay (where I got these) and couldn’t find a decent lot.


These are a couple of examples of other fake coins not specifically designed for board games, but which work well under certain circumstances.

Pachinko Tokens

Pachinko tokens are an absolutely fantastic option for generic coins, especially if you want something vaguely U.S.A. themed. I originally bought a large lot of them for a planned LARP which never materialized, and have since repurposed them for several different games. Almost all pachinko/pachislo tokens are about the same size and weight as a US quarter, and most of them will come with Japanese, vaguely American, or casino/gambling designs. Mine are mostly U.S.A. themed, so I use them in games with a modern Western theme.

No Thanks

No Thanks doesn’t actually have currency, per se, but it does have a set of tokens used for gameplay. My generic gold pachinko tokens fit the bill very well.


Finding modern-themed fake coinage is actually rather impossible, so pachinko tokens work really well in modern western settings like Panamax or…


Again, modern Western setting, and nearly thematic coins to go with it. A great addition to Suburbia. At least right up until I get my copy of the Collector’s Edition, which includes bespoke metal coins!

Pirate Dubloons

“Pirate Dubloon” is probably the most ubiquitous theme in fake coinage, both metal and plastic. I got these particular coins on Amazon, for really cheap. They’re about he same size as a US quarter and come in 4 different finishes.
Note: these are the same coins Eagle & Gryphon Games sells for Empires: Age of Discovery, but they’re MUCH cheaper on Amazon and can be obtained in larger quantities.


I don’t have a hell of a lot of pirate-themed games in my collection, so I found the one game they work really well with.


Some games just scream for custom poker chips instead of metal coins, and I can’t help but oblige. I’ve made custom chips both for currency and tokens for games, but I’ve only included pictures of the currency here. Making custom poker chips is actually fairly easy with a set of relatively inexpensive tools. I’ve created a tutorial on how to do it, which you can find HERE. That tutorial also has links for artwork which can be used for printing your own stickers for the games I detail here.

Capital Lux

The square wood “coins” included with Capital Lux, frankly, baffle me. They neither look like gold coins nor match the theme of the game, and for a card game as beautiful as Capital Lux, with stunning art from the always amazing Kwanchai Moriya, they actually detract. So it was a no-brainer for me to design chips for the game.

For Sale

For Sale could easily have been upgraded with metal coins, but something about the punchboard design just called to me for custom poker chips.


Sometimes a game has some form of currency that – GASP!isn’t coins. There are still tons of opportunities to upgrade currency like this, though!

Castles of Burgundy

The “Ore” from Stonemaier’s Treasure Chest is a perfect upgrade for the Silverlings in Castles of Burgundy.📷

Lord$ of Vega$

There’s a chance I may replace these with full-size custom poker chips some day, but for right now I love using these mini poker chips in Lord$ of Vega$. These particular chips aren’t available anymore, as far as I know, which is a shame. They’re the only mini poker chips I’ve found modeled after regular chips instead of the plastic, ridged ones, which I viscerally dislike.


I mean, this one’s just obvious, right?

Terraforming Mars

Okay, there are a couple of different sites offering a metal cube upgrade for Terraforming Mars, to replace the metallic plastic cubes included with the game. The upgrade is phenomenal, and it was one of the first things I ordered after getting the game.
Here’s a pic of that set.
But it’s always bothered me that the “gold” cubes in the set are the gold bars from the Stonemaier Treasure Chest instead of actual cubes. I know it’s a piddling thing, but it just seemed a little off.
A friend of mine, Eric, is the biggest Terraforming Mars fanatic I know. My gaming group plays the game a lot, and Eric plays it even more, with multiple groups he joins to play. So it only makes sense he’d be the one crazy enough to actually requisition a new set of metal cubes for Terraforming Mars, ones better matching the style of the game by a) actually having CUBES for the gold, and b) all being different sizes.
Here’s a pic of these new, awesome cubes.
This set is better, IMO, than the ones you can get from The Broken Token**. Eric** plans to make them available via an Etsy page soon, and I’ll update this article with a link as soon as it’s up and running.


I know I already mentioned the coins for Tokaido’s Collector’s Edition, but before I bought the CE I had these coins for my retail edition. They’re unmitigated garbage.
They’re thin and flimsy and tiny and they don’t sound great or feel particularly good and they’re really not any better than the carboard coins and they’re Chinese and not Japanese and they’re trash.
A pic of these awful coins
I paid $2.47 for 40 coins, shipped, and I got ripped off, honestly.


Obviously I’m not going to go into detail here about games I don’t own which include metal coins. I mentioned several sets in the Bespoke section above. But here are some details on some metal coins made by other companies and why I haven’t added them to any of my games.
The main reason I don’t own any of these is price. I was willing to spend the extra bucks for game-specific coins for LoW and 7 Wonders, and maybe my set of Russian Rubles, because the theming made it (sort of) worth the extra cost (I’ll be honest: I own and love those coins, but probably wouldn’t pay the price again. Maybe. I think?). Most of the coins below cost nearly the same (75₵-$1 per coin), but aren’t specifically themed for a board game.
In a lot of cases, getting enough coins for a board game involves multiple “sets” – as the manufacturers define them – so you don’t run short during play. With these manufacturers, multiple sets just end up being too damned spendy. That being said, the coins they make do look fantastic. The designs are really good, but they’ll need to come down in price before I’d be willing to buy some.

Legendary Metal Coins by Drawlab

The designs here are really great. I contemplated getting a set of their Arabic theme for Five Tribes, but I couldn’t justify the cost. Even in bulk, at their cheapest offering, they’re still 70₵ per coin. Most games, in my experience, require 50-60 coins to ensure you don’t run out at higher player counts, which rounds out to about $35-$48 for a set (depending on how you acquire them). That’s a little above my top end; half-again to double what I paid for the coins from Fantasy Coin and Artana.

Campaign Coins

Campaign Coins are really beautiful, and have the most “high fantasy” feel of any I’ve found. I actually considered getting sets from them for Lords of Xidit, simply because they match better thematically. However, at their cheapest, they’re about identical in price to the Legendary coins, so just out of my range.

Minion Games

Minion Games doesn’t have a wide variety, with only two different themes: “Metal Dragon Coins” and “Futuristic Metal Coins” (the coins for Hegemonic), and they range in price from 70₵ to 90₵ per coin. Which is, frankly, absurd.
They’re cool looking coins, but they’re absolutely not worth the price.

Moedas & Co

The only reason I don’t have experience with Moedas’s coins is because I just haven’t ordered any yet. They have some very awesome bespoke coins for specific games, including the giants like Terra Mystica, Great Western Trail, Lisboa, and more. Their prices are right in line with companies like Artana and Fantasy Coin, and their coins look genuinely great.
They’re a Brazilian company and their website doesn’t handle currency conversion, so to place an order in North America you have to e-mail them directly, which does add a layer of difficulty. It’s not something I’m at all averse to doing – the owner replies occasionally on BGG and other users have posted positively about their products and service – I just haven’t done it yet.

Never Stop Tops & Coins

Again, gorgeous, but expensive. Not quite as expensive as some of the others here, but still just outside what I would consider affordable. And, honestly, I haven’t seen any recent information about this company, so they may not be making coins anymore.

Shire Post Mint

Shirepost’s coins aren’t really viable for this kind of application. They primarily do licensed coins (Lord of the Rings, Kingkiller Chronicle, A Song of Ice and Fire, etc.), and they’re not built for bulk orders. They’re designed to be a novelty, and are wildly expensive, coming in at well in excess of $1 per coin. So, they’re cool, but not really worth it for board gaming.

Rare Elements Foundry

Rare Elements Foundry is one of the first companies I ever encountered making metal fantasy coins. Unfortunately, they are ungodly expensive for the most part. Their coins run around $22-$25 for a set of 10, pushing them up to and even beyond Shirepost’s prices. Their coins are very beautiful, but not feasible in quantity.


Here’s the thing: I love upgrading the coins in my games, and I think metal coins add a genuinely massive aesthetic boost. They’re absolutely my favorite type of upgrade. BUT, I also understand buying separate, thematic coin sets for a ton of different games isn’t for everyone. You might want metal coins, but would rather just have one or two generic sets you can use across multiple games whenever you play. So here are my opinions on the best coins for that purpose:
Honorable MentionPoker Chips
Poker chips, either generic or custom, are a great option. They’re frequently cheaper than metal coins, and you can get them in a bajillion different styles with or without denominations. But they’re not metal, and that’s an issue. They’re a fantastic option, though.
Honorable MentionPachinko Tokens
Granted, pachinko tokens have a weird “theme” and they look more modern than thematic, but honestly they’re great coins and you just can’t find a better deal. They come so cheap and in such large quantities I have to mention them here as an option for the budget-conscious.
Honorable MentionScythe Coins
The Scythe coins are absolutely fantastic quality and, as I mentioned before, are almost so thematic they’re themeless. If you want a set of coins with a little extra flair and don’t think their odd theming will clash with your games, you absolutely can’t go wrong here.


Stonemaier does it again with their Charterstone metal coins. You absolutely cannot get a better set of coins for games with a single denomination. Some examples of games these coins would work great in are Lancaster, Russian Railroads, Villages of Valeria, Alchemists, and Village. But, basically any game where you only need 1s, get yourself a set of these.
Charterstone Coins


The clear winner here are the Seafall coins from Plaid Hat Games. They may be rather generic, but their design is beautiful, and they’d make a fantastic addition to any game you’d want to use them with. They’re a tiny bit expensive at about 40¢ per coin, but there’s over 100 coins in the set and if you’re only buying them once, it’s an absolute no-brainer.
They’re a great size and weight, and the colors and finishes are unmatched. I really like how distinguishable the colors are on these coins, and I absolutely love the satin finish because it keeps glare low and amps up the color variance, making the coins easy to tell apart from across the table.

If you can only get one set of coins for all your board games, make it this set.


I acquire new coins as I get new games, and sometimes coins change homes when a game leaves my collection. To track and show these changes, I’ve started THIS GEEKLIST on BGG. Do you have metal coins in your collection? Do you want to show them off? Please add your own pics and descriptions to that GeekList! I know my collection is not comprehensive, and the more pictures and suggestions for coins and they games they work with would be incredible!
Thanks for spending the time to peruse my compulsion for metal coins in board games! I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures and commentary. If you have metal coins of your own and would like to show them off, I’d love to see them added to the GeekList, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.
If you want to talk about metal coins, or DIY upgrades, or board games in general, you can always find me on Twitter @PixelartMeeple, on Instagram @pixelartmeeple, on BGG at PixelartMeeple, and on my website! You can also hear my (much more succinct) thoughts on games on The Five By podcast.
Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!
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Booking Double or Nothing 2020 - Part 2

Taz stands in the centre of the ring with a table in front of him with the AEW Elite Championship underneath a black cloth. He announces the rules of the match first: 6 men will be eliminated until the last man standing wins. You just pin your opponent in the ring. No Disqualification, anything goes. He unveils the title. It has a white strap with a tall, gold centre plate featuring the AEW logo in the centre and decorated with many golden jewels similar to that of the IWGP or Big Gold Title. Taz holds the title up before everyone begins their entrances.
First out is Adam Page, followed by Sammy Guevara, Kip Sabian accompanied by Penelope Ford, Darby Allin skateboarding down the ramp, Joey Janela, Jeff Cobb making his PPV debut and third ever match and finally Chris Jericho. Jericho has FOZZY sing his theme live on stage while he sings his own theme as he walks down the ramp. He points the mic to the crowd during the “let me go - let me go - let me go - let me go”’s and they sing for him. Finally enters the ring. Before the bell rings Jeff Cobb grabs Joey Janela, Tour of the Islands through the table the title was placed on!
Everyone gangs up on Jeff Cobb but he pushes them all aside. He takes Kip Sabian down with a huge Lariat and begins to beat down on him on the outside. Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho team up to take down Darby Allin and Adam Page. Page hits a Calf Kick to Jericho sending him to outside. Page then hits a Shooting Star Press from the top rope into everyone! Sammy Guevara hits a Springboard Shooting Star Press into everyone! This is all capped off by Darby Allin hitting a Springboard Coffin Drop into everyone.
Darby Allin drags Sammy Guevara back in the ring and goes for a cover but Guevara kicks out. Kip Sabian rolls in and hits a Running Hurricanerana to Guevara. Guevara catches him in a Fireman’s Carry position, and Allin hits a Diving Double Foot Stomp to Sabian! Guevara grabs Allin by the neck and throws him into the ring post and Allin sells like mad. Sabian connects a flurry of strikes to Guevara, before hitting a Triangle Roundhouse Kick! He goes for a Deathly Hallows but from outside the ring Joey Janela hurls a chair at him!
Janela pulls out a stack of chairs and shoves a couple into the ring but keeps one for himself. He unfolds it and places it upside down on the barricade. He then Irish whips Jericho into it! Kip Sabian runs off the apron with a Corkscrew Crossbody into both men. Guevara is in the centre of the ring taunting but he’s met by a Buckshot Lariat from Adam Page! Page sets the chair up in the corner and hits a Lawn Dart into it. He grabs the chair and begins whacking it on the match and yelling “come on big boy!” at Cobb.
Cobb runs in with a Corner Running European Uppercut to Page! He catches Page on the fall and hits a Northern Lights Suplex! 1.......2....Page kicks out. Page leap frogs a running attack and connects a European Uppercut. He hits a Monkey Flip to Cobb sending him into the corner. He runs at him but Cobb catches him looking for a Tour of the Islands. Page manages to get out and hit a Vertical Suplex! He can’t quite cover as Jericho and Guevara both pull him out. Page elbows Guevara in the face and hits an Uppercut to Jericho but the numbers are too much.
Jericho grabs Janela by the hair and sits him in one of the announcers chairs. Guevara grabs some tape to wrap Janela around in. Jericho then undoes his bandana and chokes Janela with it. They finally stop and Janela is breathless. Jericho and Guevara pour multiple cups of thumbtacks around in a circle around Janela’s chair so when he gets up he has to step onto the tacks. They undo his boots and unwrap him. He does walk on the tacks and it looks sick as fuck. Janela then lays on the outside picking tacks from his feet.
Adam Page gets back up and throws Jericho into the ring. They have a stare down and the crowd begin to get wild but Cobb breaks it up with a double Clothesline. Cobb then picks up Jericho in a Fireman’s Carry and Page in a Gorrila Press. He throws Page backwards with an Overhead Toss and hits a Samoan Drop at the same time! Penelope Ford walks over to Janela and begins to mock him. Sabian strolls over with a chair and goes to leather Janela with it, Janela takes him to thumbtack dick kick city!
Cobb is in the centre of the ring looking around at his prey. Commentary note how monstrous he is and JR says Cobb is his official endorsement. Cobb turns around to a skateboard Missile Dropkick! Allin lays into Cobb with punches, finally taking the big man down. Cobb picks him up and goes to throw him to the outside. Allin hangs on to the ropes and hits a Hanging Soccer Kick. He the hits a Slingshot Youshi Tonic!!! 1........2......Kick Out!!!! Guevara secures a table and slides it into the ring. He quickly sets it up and begins to lay into Darby. Kip Sabian comes back into the ring and we have a three-way fight. This is token up by Janela who has finally hitting a Moonsault into everyone! He covers Kip, 1............2.........3!!!!
Kip Sabian has been eliminated.
First man is out. Cobb gets back up and he’s hungry, he charges Allin into the corner. He picks Allin up and throws him into Sabian and Ford who are leaving. Adam Page on the outside grabs a ladder and throws it in. He grabs a couple cold ones and goes to town on Chris Jericho on the outside. He cracks two cans open, downs both of em’ - Stunner! That table Sammy set up in the ring is still there, as Cobb lays Sammy on it. He goes for a Frogsplash to Sammy though it, but Sammy rolls off and Cobb crashes through!! It is at this point Chris Jericho has the genius idea to handcuff himself to the barricade - as the rules apply you can only pin your opponent in the ring.
Janela notices him and begins to batter him with a chair. Page notices too and they hit double superkicks. They then face each other and Janela asks “remember All In?” and they go at it. Page pulls out two new tables and sets one up. Janela runs at him but Page hits a Pop-up Powerbomb through the table! He grabs a barbed wire board and sets it up in the corner of the ring. He goes to throw Janela into it but Janela grabs one of Page’s beer bottles and smashes it over Page’s head! He grabs Page by the hair and goes to throw him into the barbed wire but Page catches him with an Exploder Suplex through it!
This is especially crushing for Janela as he spent the last few weeks on Twitter hyping up how he’s gonna avenge All In against Page and they had a mini-feud going. Janela looks up at Page and Page shakes his head saying “don’t fuck with a cowboy” before covering, 1..........2.......3!!!!
Joey Janela has been eliminated.
At this point Page starts seeing blood drizzle from his hair. He licks it. Also at this point Jericho regains his sense of everything and pans his head over to see... Jeff Cobb. Cobb malls the former champ and his former Inner Circle stablemate (more on that later) so there’s a lot of beef present. He grabs Guevara and begins to beat him up too. Sammy fights back however. Cobb slams him onto the announce table with a Urange Chokeslam but Guevara pulls him up with him. He Irish whips Cobb into the crowd but Cobb lands on the barricade. Guevara then jumps onto the barricade with him, Spanish Fly onto the announce table!!!!
Darby Allin grabs a table and ladder on he outside and throws them into the ring. He sets up the table and places Adam Page on it and begins to climb up the ladder. About half way up he jumps off it with a Coffin Drop, but Page rolls off the table!!!! Allin crashes through!! Page sees Jericho on the outside and is out for more blood. He un-cuffs him and lays into him. Jericho fights back and locks him to the ring post. He grabs a bottle and pours it over Page, making fun of his alcoholism. He then smashes it over his head. Page looks up at him and says “again.”
Jericho smashes another bottle over him and a bloodied Page is screaming at him craving more. He unhooks himself and attacks Jericho. He throws him into the ring but is caught by a Codebreaker! 1.......2.....KICK OUT!!!! Sammy Guevara on the outside is collecting all the unused tacks and putting them back into a container, before pouring it over the mat. He attacks Page and goes for a Canadian Destroyer but Page catches him - DEADEYE! Page covers, 1.......2........3 just before Jericho can break it up!!!!
Sammy Guevara has been eliminated.
Page grabs Jericho and lays into him with elbows. Jericho locks in a Liontamer but Page gets out. Page runs towards the corner but is caught with a Pop-up Last Ride Powerbomb! He then hits a Spear to Jericho! Jericho runs the ropes at Cobb but he catches him, Tour of the Islands onto the thumbtacks! 1........2......3!!!!!!
Chris Jericho has been eliminated.
We’re down to 3. Cobb comes in and hits an Athletic-Plex to Page and stares down upon Darby Allin. Allin gets one of the pops of the night as he pulls out the cracker barrel! He throws it into the ring and throws it at Cobb. He begins to hit him with it before leaving it in the corner. Cobb goes for a Suplex Toss but Allin hits a Cutter midair! He’s able to fight with the big man. He begins to grab all the weapons and pile them onto Cobb. He uses the ladder, remains fo the tables, all the chairs, remains of the barbed wire board, everything he can find he piles onto Cobb. He then hits a Cracker Barrel Coffin Drop to Cobb! 1........2.......3!!!!!!!!
Jeff Cobb has been eliminated.
It’s the final two. Both men have put their bodies through hell in these last 28 minutes, risking it all, throwing health precautions out the window, both men are willing to literally kill for this title. Adam Page goes for a Buckshot Lariat but Allin hits a Push-off Dropkick! He grabs his skateboard and whips him with it over and over. He then runs over Hangman’s fingers with it. He goes to the outside and retrieves a body bag with “Kill Cowboy” spray painted on it. He tries to get Page in it but Page ducks a Lariat and hits a Rite of Passage! 1..........2......ALLIN’S FOOT FALLS ONTO THE ROPES!!!!
Page can’t believe it. He’s flabbergasted. He pulls himself up to his feet, and drags Allin into the body bag. He grabs a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat and lays into Allin with it. He pulls him out and goes for a swing, Allin ducks and connects a Backstabber! He goes for a Springboard Coffin Drop but Page catches with a Bicycle Knee! He hits another Bicycle Knee! Allin drops to his knees and stands on the apron. He waits for Allin to get up - BUCKSHOT LARIAT!!!! 1.........2........3!!!!!
Darby Allin has been eliminated.
”Hangman” Adam Page wins last eliminating Darby Allin to become the inaugural AEW Elite Champion (31:24)
6- Cody (with Brandi Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes and Arn Anderson) vs. Brodie Lee (with Jake “The Snake’” Roberts) - Singles Match
On the March 11th episode of Dynamite, Cody takes on Ortiz of the Inner Circle in Singles action. Cody and Ortiz have a stellar back and forth match with Cody getting the win. After the match he calls out Jake Roberts but is cut off by the lights going out. On the titantron we see scratchy lettering saying “you promised I would be part of your empire. You lied. You must suffer.” The lights come back on and Cody is tangled in the ropes and Jake has got Damien out. Damien slithers across Cody as Arn watches. Arn rolls into the ring and comes face to face with Jake. They get a nostalgia pop and Jake asks “you still got it?” Arn thinks better of it though and helps Cody to the back.
Next week we see a sit down interview between Jake and JR. Jake cuts a classic promo of his, the quiet yet calculating voice which makes him sound ten steps ahead of you at all times, and manages to put himself over while still keeping the suspense of who is his client and hyping him up. J.R. asks Jake what did the message on the titantron mean and Jake responds “you’ll see soon Jim, they’ll all seen soon...” before he heads off. Next week is Blood and Guts which you saw the result of earlier on so needless to say - Cody is scarred. The Bucks locked Cody out the cage, beat the shit out of Hangman and Kenny as Cody had no choice but to watch his best friends and the foundation of his company destroyed.
Following show in the first week of April, Cody takes to the ring to cut an impassioned promo where he talks about his father, Jake, his opponent at Double or Nothing and Jake’s client. He tells this mystery client he doesn’t know who he is, he doesn’t know what he wants - but if it’s a fight he’s looking for, bring it on. Jake “The Snake” appears on the titantron and tells Cody that if Cody agrees to the following, his client will reveal himself on one condition. That being - he wants a Singles Match at Double or Nothing against Cody. Cody looks Jake dead in the eyes and says “I accept.” “By the way Cody, this was pre-taped.”
From behind, a man runs up and blindsides Cody. It’s Brodie Lee! He attacks Cody and beats the shit out of him with rights and lefts. Cody is busted open and Lee connects a Discus Clothesline. He then looks up the ramp with a stone faced expression. He got what he wanted. Brandi Rhodes comes out and hopes into the ring, Lee Discus Clothesline’s her. Bit of Intergender stuff since AEW like to be edgy. Lee then pulls Cody up and looks him in the eyes through the thick coat of blood covering his face. He then admires what he’s done before dropping him and heading to the back.
Two weeks later, Dustin Rhodes cuts a promo on Brodie Lee and Roberts defending his brother. Cody comes out with his face stitched up and tells Dustin to calm down. He’s got this covered and he promises to kick Lee’s ass at Double or Nothing. Last year Dustin and Cody went to war, but this year Cody hopes they can stand together - he wants his brother with him in his corner at Double or Nothing alongside Arn and Brandi. Dustin accepts and the two hug in the centre of the ring. Cody and Dustin Rhodes team up to take on Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy two weeks later in a losing effort after Luchasaurus got the pin on Dustin.
Cody was taken out midway through by Brodie Lee but Lee couldn’t quite get his hands on Dustin. This cost the brothers the match. Next week Brodie Lee and a pissed off Dustin get into a brawl backstage, a very violent one. Dustin is trying to avenge his brother who Brodie is out to end whilst Lee is trying to hurt Cody by brutally assaulting his brother and taking him out of the match. Without his brother Cody has nothing and so Lee is trying to demolish him. Dustin’s age gets the better of him and he can’t keep going. The final shot before Double or Nothing is Brodie Lee standing tall over Dustin who is coughing up blood.
Cody enters out with Brandi and Arn after making one of his over the top pyro filled elevator entrances he makes but x10. They come out in Deep Space Nine attire with Brandi, Arn, DDP and other Nightmare Family associates all standing together and Pharaoh of course. DDP and the rest of the Nightmare Family people leave so it’s just Brandi and Arn with Cody. The trio stand atop the ramp, before Dustin Rhodes marches out and walks with Cody to the ring. Dustin and Cody hug and Dustin wishes him good luck against what he’s about to face.
Brodie Lee then enters out with Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Both men have white sheep masks on before ripping them off in homage to Lee’s past as Luke Harper in the Wyatt Family. He comes out in his old hillbilly look of the shaggy black hair, dirty white tank top and cargo pants. Jake wears a leather jacket with a fresh haircut and walks behind his client and monster. Jake has got Damien slung over his shoulder in a black bag and he walks down to the ring with Brodie Lee.
Before the bell is rung Lee begins to use his brawling abilities and sheer power against Cody. They brawl through the crowd for a bit using fan signs and any nearby objects as weapons. Lee throws Cody into the wall and targets the shoulder of Cody, throwing him into all sorts of things shoulder first or hitting him with weapons across the shoulder. The bell still hasn’t rung so we’re not officially underway. Lee hits a Urange Slam onto the announce table and they brawl up the ramp. Cody throws Lee into the giant poker chips and drags him back to the ring. Now they’re in the ring the bell is rung even though they’ve been fighting for about 5 minutes already.
They have an intense lock up but i doesn’t last long as Lee slams Cody onto the mat repeatedly. Lee grabs Cody by the weight belt and hurls him into the ring post. Cody finally fights back and hits a series of punches before rolling his arms like his father and landing an elbow to dome. Cody hits a Springboard Cutter to Lee and followed up by a Lou Thesz Press. Lee gets out and hits a European Uppercut followed by going for the Discus Clothesline. Cody ducks and goes for an elbow but Lee gets him up in a Fireman’s Carry and hits a TKO to Cody!!! 1.........2......Kick Out!!!!!
Cody hits a Belly to Back Suplex and begins to undo his belt. Lee hits a Spear from out of nowhere though and referee Earl Hebner goes down with it. Cody hits a Disaster Kick and begins to pull himself up by the ropes. He looks to hit a Cross Rhodes but Lee gets out and connects the Discus Clothesline! He can’t cover however so he grabs Cody’s belt and whips him with it. He pulls out Damien and lets him slither across Cody as Brandi looks on terrified. Brandi rolls into the ring and tries to do something but she’s afraid of the snake. Jake is cackling on the outside. Brandi then rolls out takes Jake to Dick Kick City!
Arn then connects the Double A Spinebuster to Brodie Lee to a big pop. Dustin then hits Shattered Dreams to Lee. Dustin takes Damien out and helps Earl back to his feet. Cody hits another Disaster Kick! He goes for a rope run attack but he’s caught by the Discus Clothesline! 1...........2..........KICK OUT!!!! The fans pop again. Cody hits a Suicide Dive to Lee and Jake and throws him back into the ring. Jake yells at Cody and Cody goes for a Bicycle Kick but he hits Brandi instead. Lee then hits a Big Boot to him and he falls onto Brandi. Lee throws him into the ring and hits the Discus Clothesline followed by the DDT, 1............2..........3!!!!!
Brodie Lee wins and Cody has lost 3 PPV matches in a row now. He stares around the arena feeling lost and confused. Brandi and Arn help him up and Dustin shakes Cody’s hands. They hug but Cody asks to be left alone in the ring. He grabs a mic and gets only a few words into a promo before Anthony Ogogo hops the barricade! He rolls into the ring as the crowd are hopefully going mental and he punches Cody in the face. Cody is knocked out and the trio who left him moments ago rush back down to help him up as Ogogo escapes up the ramp. He climbs up the poker chips and poses atop them.
Brodie Lee defeats Cody (13:11)
7- Bea Priestley © vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD - No Disqualification Match for the AEW Women’s World Championship
The AEW Women’s Division needs some elevation so I’m going to try and accomplish that. You saw the Riho vs. Yuka Sakazaki feud already so what’s going on with the women’s title? Well we start with Nyla Rose as AEW Women’s Champion. I believe her and Kris Statlander can actually be a really good feud to carry the division so we’ll continue that for a bit. Nyla attacks Kris on the March 11th episode backstage and lays her out cold. Next week the two are set for a 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the title. I think their match at Revolution under delivered for what they really could do since Kris was sick, so this match gives them a bit more time and hopefully they can get a great match out of each other. On Dark that week Yuka Sakazaki defeats Big Swole.
Next week Britt Baker comes to he ring to cut a promo. Britt Baker cuts a standard heel promo, saying how she feels sorry the fans first have to pay to see a shitty attempt at Awesome Kong as their AEW Women’s Champion fight a god damn alien. She says she is the best women in this division period, and anyone who thinks they can step up, get ready for a Lockjaw. She sent Yuka back to Japan, Priscilla Kelly back to bingo halls, Bea Priestley back to - Bea Priestley comes out! Bea slowly walks down to the ring, a past rival of Britt. She stares down Britt, and Britt says “remember the time I beat you?” They then get into a brawl, but Britt escapes.
Next week Nyla Rose defends her AEW Women’s World Championship in a Four-way Match against Yuka Sakazaki, Hikaru Shida and Riho. You already saw how this played out from earlier on, but anyways, Nyla wins. Next week Bea Priestley gets a win over Abadon and begins #1 on the rankings for Nyla’s title. They fight on Dynamite in a hard fought contest, lots of big kicks and stiff strikes thrown. In the end Bea Priestley gets the win and becomes new AEW Women’s World Champion. After the match Britt Baker comes out and attacks Bea, locking in a Lockjaw on her. She gets a bit of blood on her hand and licks it off.
Bea attacks Britt backstage and they have yet another brawl the following week. These brawls are getting too wild and their health is at a serious risk. AEW management need their champ to not be sent to the ER every week. The match is promised to be a No Disqualification Match so they can get their hands on each other at Double or Nothing, not right now though. If either women touch each other over the next few weeks until the show, Britt doesn’t get the match, Bea is stripped of her title. They both trade barbs in the weeks leading up before the big event.
Britt Baker and Bea Priestley start the match off hit with Britt taking it to Bea with a kendo stick. She strikes her with it repeatedly before Bea fights back. Bea connects a Big Boot an Irish Whip into the barricade. Bea then goes to town on Britt with the kendo stick. She goes for a Exploder Suplex into the ring post but Britt counters into a Backbody Drop on the outside. Britt pulls out a trash can with a chair in it. She throws the chair in the ring and places the trash can over Bea’s head. She then dives off the apron with a Meteora, but Bea dodges!
Bea pulls the trash can off her head and places it over Britt’s head. She leans her against the steps and hits a roundhouse kick into the trash can. She pulls Britt out and throws her into the ring. Her and Britt brawl in the ring. Britt hits a Superkick to Bea and sits her on the chair. She hits another Superkick. She takes her off the chair and goes for a DDT onto the chair, but Bea gets out and hits a Spinning Heel Kick! Britt falls into the chair and Bea taunts the crowd. Britt gets off the chair however and hits a Deadlift German Suplex onto the unfolded chair!!!!
Bea slouches in the chair and Britt connects a V-Trigger! 1.........2......Kick Out!!!! Britt pulls out a chain from under the ring and throws it into the ring. Britt whips Bea with the chain repeatedly but Bea gets up and hits a Falcon Arrow onto the chains! Bea stalks her prey as she lays on the apron. Bea hits two consecutive Bicycle Knees to Britt. She goes for a Deadlift Suplex into the ring onto the chair but Britt counters into a DDT midair!! Britt goes for the Lockjaw but Bea kicks off the ropes and rolls into Sit-out Powerbomb! 1.....2.....Kick Out!!!
Bea on the outside sets up a table. Britt runs out and hits a clothesline to her. She takes her the apron and goes for a Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker off the apron through the table, but Bea kicks her in the gut and hits an Apron Bridging Half and Half Suplex! She lays Britt across the table and runs across the apron with a Diving Double Foot Stomp!!!! She throws Britt back in the ring and covers, 1............2........KICK OUT!!!! Britt kicks out and rolls into the Lockjaw! She wrenches on the hold!
Bea goes to reach the ropes but Britt kicks off them and rolls back! Bea gets out and hits a Bicycle Kick! She grabs the kendo stick and locks in a kendo stick assisted Armbar! Britt gets out and hits a Knee lift. She then locks in a kendo stick assisted Double Underhook Crossface! Bea Priestley gets out and lays into Britt some more with the kendo stick. She grabs the chair and throws it at Britt. She gets Britt in a Tree of Woe position. She places the chair over her chest and then dives onto her with a Double Foot Stomp from the top rope! She connects the Queen’s Landing! 1...........2........3!!!!!
Bea Priestley defeats Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. to retain the AEW Women’s World Championship (9:48)
8- Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley © - Singles Match for the AEW World Championship
After losing Blood and Guts to The Inner Circle, after his best friends Matt and Nick Jackson turning on him and Cody and Adam Page, after losing his AEW Tag Team Championships to Matt and Nick, Kenny Omega is at rock bottom. The week after losing the tag titles, he wrestles Darby Allin in that weeks main event in a Qualifying Match for a new AEW Championship that will be unveiled at a later date (AEW Elite Championship). Kenny comes out to a lukewarm reaction while his opponent Darby Allin gets a huge pop as he rolls down the ramp on his skateboard. He jumps off the skateboard, through the middle ropes and rolls into the ring. Ringside member throws the skateboard back towards Darby and he kicks the match off hot with a skateboard assisted Dropkick!
Allin takes Kenny to the corner and hits a Hesitation Dropkick. He then hits a Snapmare and Springboard Meteora! Kenny is already dazed and the match has only gone a few seconds. Kenny goes for a lariat but Darby ducks and hits a Pele Kick followed by Rolling Youshi Tonic! 1......2.....Kenny barely kicks out. Darby then recovers in the corner while Kenny is flushed. Kenny regains his composure and begins to fight back. He hits a Kamigoye and starts to go back and forth with Darby. Darby however counters out of a One Winged Angel and hits a Backstabber followed by Coffin Drop. 1.........2.......3. Darby Allin is going to Double or Nothing.
On the final episode of Being The Elite now that The Bucks are gone - we see Adam Page and Kenny drinking at a bar, the fall of The Elite never being so present. The episode ends when Kenny leaves the bar and heads to their car, and in the rain finds a pair of aviator shades resting on the seat of his car. He puts them on and we see a man we haven’t seen in a long time - The Cleaner. This clip is replayed on Dynamite with some higher quality. That same Dynamite the Casino Battle Royale is announced to take place on Dynamite to determine who will challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship at Double or Nothing.
New rules are input - all 21 entrants will draw a card. The suit of their card will determine when they come out. Each suit come out in one batch at time intervals. For the first 5 entrants - all those entrants are of the Spades deck. Then entrants 6-10 will be of the Clubs deck, 11-15 the Diamonds and 16-20 the hearts. Everyone enters at 90 second time intervals with the Joker coming out last as the 21st entrant. The winner faces Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship at Double or Nothing. Jon Moxley cuts a promo the week before the Casino Battle Royale and roasts everyone of the possible people to win the match and face him. He comes at Jericho, MJF, Pac, but mainly Kenny Omega.
1- The Butcher 2- The Blade 3- “Broken” Matt Hardy 4- MJF 5- Dustin Rhodes
Butcher and Blade start the match off. A tag team being 1 and 2 in these type of matches always draws a pop and the two go at it before the crowd explode for Broken Matt Hardy! We hear his old Impact theme and he walks down, finally broken, finally free. MJF follows suit and the boos rain down because as soon as he locks eyes with Hardy, he starts imitating he’s got a broken back and the crowd want him dead. Dustin Rhodes come out next and has a nice moment with Matt before they start fighting. Butcher and Blade then begin to team up and try and eliminate some people.
6- Jake Hager 7- Diamond Dallas Page 8- Billy Gunn 9- Tommy Dreamer 10- Sonny Kiss
Jake Hager comes out and tries to dump Dustin out immediately. They go back and forth before they eliminate each other brawling over the ropes. DDP then comes out to a big pop, followed by a big pop when Billy Gunn comes out, followed by another big pop when Tommy Dreamer comes out! Tour of the dads! DDP gives everyone a Diamond Cutter, and Gunn gives a Famouser to MJF. Sonny Kiss comes out and has a face off with Dreamer. Kiss then bashes Dreamer’s face into his ass like last year.
11- Shawn Spears 12- Joey Janela 13- Wardlow 14- Masato Tanaka 15- Jimmy Havoc
Break from the comedy as Shawn Spears comes out and we’re getting serious. Spears takes out Billy Gunn as soon as he walks in, takes out DDP, goes to eliminate Dreamer but Dreamer gets out and fights back. Joey Janela and Dreamer have a hardcore brawl, Wardlow comes out to help MJF and they fight with Butcher and The Blade. Throwback spot, as Masato Tanaka comes out! Jimmy Havoc comes out, and joins the Dreamer and Janela fight. They use a couple weapons, before Havoc knocks a kendo stick over the head of Janela, before hitting an Acid Rainmaker to Dreamer and he falls through a table as he falls out!
16- Brodie Lee 17- Jeff Cobb 18- Michael Nakazawa 19- Lance Archer 20- Kenny Omega
Brodie Lee gets a huge pop when he enters, making his AEW debut tonight. He comes in and Discus Clothesline’s everyone, before dumping out Sonny Kiss. Butcher and The Blade go to eliminate Brodie Lee, but Lee gets out. Butcher and Blade turn around and are tossed out by Wardlow and MJF. Jeff Cobb comes out and has a monsters brawl with Brodie Lee. Cobb and Lee take down everyone in the ring, and then - Michael Nakazawa. He comes out and looks at Cobb and Lee, side to side, oh boy he’s made a mistake. He undoes his thong and does his general antics before Lance Archer comes out making his AEW debut! Archer, Cobb and Lee all surround Nakazawa. Oh Jesus he chose the wrong day to be a human. Wardlow then walks in and to every direction he looks, a monster surrounds him. He then walks through a gap and simply dumps himself out to avoid harm. Then all the monsters have a huge fight. Final entrant before Joker and it’s who we’ve all been waiting for, it’s Kenny Omega.
21- Chris Jericho
Jericho walks out with the Joker card in hand, as Pyro shoots off around him. Jericho nails a Judas Effect to Masato Tanaka who collapses to the outside. Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela bring a ladder into the ring and take down everyone. Janela climbs to the top of the ladder and goes for a Diving Elbow to a pile of people below him, but Jimmy Havoc from behind climbs up and locks in a barbed wire bat assisted choke hold! Then everyone below team up to push them to the outside! Broken Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho have a fight, and Jericho wins, tossing out Hardy.
Eight remaining in the ring and finally after everyone hit their finishers, Wardlow is tossed out, followed by Lance Archer eliminating MJF with a Razor’s Edge to the outside, into Wardlow. Kenny Omega eliminates Shawn Spears with a mighty V-Trigger and he starts to have a great contest with Jeff Cobb. However now it’s Jericho teaming with Jeff Cobb as they’re Inner Circle buddies. They both team up to eliminate Lance Archer. Jericho then thinks “right, Cobb’ll just throw himself out won’t he?” Jericho then berates Cobb to get out, let him win - TOUR OF THE ISLANDS FROM COBB!! Kenny Omega picks Jericho up and it’s Double or Nothing one all over again.
Omega and Jericho start to go at it. Jericho throws a Judas Effect but Omega ducks and throws him out. Omega then looks down at Jericho and gets his win back from him. Jeff Cobb and Kenny Omega are the final two left standing and they go at it. Cobb uses his amazing strength to nearly eliminate Kenny so many times but he fails each time. Omega then manages to get Cobb up on his shoulders, One Winged Angel! Huge pop at this as Omega v-triggers Cobb out to win the match. After the match Jon Moxley walks out. He walks up to Omega and holds his title high. Omega then does the finger gun taunt on Mox’s forehead. The Cleaner has returned.
Over the last few weeks until Double or Nothing, we slowly see The Cleaner returning. Omega now rocks his leather jacket, aviator shades, has a tooth pick hanging from the side of his lip, pounds the Terminator 2 theme on the mat, is the quintessential definition of cool. Moxley is still reeking havoc across the roster as per usual. Moxley is a tweener as Omega is so over yet Mox is such a badass people can’t help to cheer him. However, he cuts a scathing promo how that all Omega is now doing is just trying to relive his past success, when he saw the real Omega at Full Gear and you know what he saw? He saw him laying on the mat for the 1,2,3.
Omega then comes out with Michael Nakazawa, Riho and Adam Page behind him. Omega is in a white t-shirt and his tights so not in full Cleaner mode. The foursome stare down Moxley and he tells Moxley that this isn’t the old him - this is the best him. “I have got this group of guys by my side and my lover back in Japan standing with me. I got rid of those punk ass bitches Matt and Nick, I got rid of everything from my recession era - all I need now is your AEW Championship.” The two close the show with a gigantic stare down before Double or Nothing.
Kenny Omega entrance I’m going the full 9 yards with. It starts with a video playing on the titantron of a montage of Kenny’s road to being led here as a version of Devil’s Sky plays. It features his friendship with Kota Ibushi, Michael Nakazawa, Riho, Adam Page and finally leading him to this moment. It finishes with a quick recap of their beef over the past few months. Jon won the first time - but that wasn’t an official match in the record books. Kenny has everything to lose going in here. It’s Double...or Nothing.
We hear an angelic voice singing the same “hoooohhhhhooohhh” on repeat as Kenny slowly rises on an elevator. During this the angelic voice is mixed with the pounding beat of the Terminator 2 soundtrack. Finally all sound stops, and Kenny walks forward. LittleVMills is on the side of the stage singing Battle Cru live from the opening piano notes to him roaring “The Best...BOUT...MACHINE” and we’re finally able to see Kenny. He is in his aviator shades, leather jacket, tooth pick hanging from the side of his mouth but most of all he has a metal spiky stick weapon.
Jon Moxley makes a big entrance too as we see his entire journey from the limo to ringside with the title slung over his shoulder. He rolls into the ring and leans back like he did at Double or Nothing 1, and the match is on. Straight away Kenny hits a V-Trigger and the two start throwing punches at each other. It’s hog wild to begin with. Kenny hits a tight rope knee drop to Mox. Mox ducks a lariat and hits a Neckbreaker to Omega! Omega runs into the corner with a Corner Back Elbow! Omega then vault jumps to the top turnbuckle, Moonsault by Omega!!!
Omega runs the ropes but Mox ducks his attack and catches him with a TKO! Moxley hits an Inverted Atomic Drop and goes for a Neckbreaker but Omega gets out and connects a Superkick! He hits a Rope Run Diving Knee Strike! 1.......2.....Kick Out by Mox! Mox rolls to the outside to recover. Omega goes for a Calf Kick through the bottom rope but Mox catches him with a European Uppercut! Mox rolls back into the ring and hits a Snake Eyes to Omega! Omega lays on the apron now as Mox stomps him viciously through the ropes.
Omega gets back up and goes for a Slingshot Spear but Mox catches and hits a Draping DDT!!! 1.....2.....Omega gets his foot on the ropes!!! Mox pulls Omega up. He goes for a Vertical Suplex but Omega reverses into a DDT!! Omega hits a Shin Breaker followed by running the ropes and hitting a Bicycle Kick! Omega goes to do the the finger gun taunt but Mox having none of it, Running Brainbuster from Mox! He looks like he’s gonna cover but Omega spins around into an Armbar. Mox pulls Omega up and hits a Spinning Sit-out Powerbomb! 1.......2......Kick Out!!!
Mox gets Omega up and plants him on the top rope with an Atomic Drop. He leaves him laying there as he dives from the middle rope with a Clothesline to Omega! Omega falls to the outside. Mox rolls out there and throws him into the steel steps. Mox goes for a Kitchen Sink but Omega dodges and Mox’s knee goes splat. Omega rolls back into the ring but immediately goes flying with a Tope Con Hilo! He goes for a Exploder Suplex into the barricade but Mox gets out, Spear into the barricade! Mox could easily win by Countout here but he wants to win properly and most of all hurt Kenny some more.
He throws Kenny back into the ring but Kenny Superkick’s him off the apron. Kenny rolls to the outside and buries Mox under a pile of mats from the floor. He then hits a Springboard Double Foot Stomp onto Mox! Now he throws him back in. Omega hits a German Suplex and lines up a V-Trigger. He jumps for it but Mox dodges and hits a Piledriver! 1.........2......KICK OUT!!! Kenny gets up. Mox connects a Bicycle Kick and goes for a Butterfly Suplex but Kenny counters midair into a Frankensteiner! 1........2.....Kick Out!!
Omega throws elbows at Mox before Irish whipping him into the corner. Mox gets his foot up before he hits the corner, then grabs Omega and hurls him into the corner. He connects a Kitchen Sink and goes for a Paradigm Shift but Omega gets out and hits a Butterfly Piledriver! 1........2......Mox Kicks Out!!! Mox goes for a Lariat but Kenny ducks and hits a Basement Dropkick. Kenny goes for an attack but Moxley catches with a Kneecap Brainbuster!!! Mox goes for a Piledriver but Omega slides out and hits a Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam + Moonsault combo! 1..........2........MOX KICKS OUT!!!
Mox gets back to his feet and dumps Kenny to the outside. Kenny goes for a Hanging Soccer Kick but Mox ducks and hits a Belly to Back Suplex from in the ring onto the apron to Omega! Omega looks like he’s not gonna get up for 10 but he manages to get on the apron and connect a Springboard Missile Dropkick while Mox was posing! Kenny hits a Cross-Legged Fisherman Neckbreaker! He goes for a Superkick but Mox twists him around and hits an Exploder German Suplex into the corner! Mox connects another Kitchen Sink! He goes for a Paradigm Shift with Kenny’s feet hanging off the top ropes, but Kenny gets out and sits on the top turnbuckle.
He then jumps from the top ropes onto the actual rope and hits a Moonsault to Mox! Mox lays on the second rope which lines up a V-Trigger from Omega! Omega then hits Croyt’s Wrath!!!! 1..........2.......KICK OUT!!! Mox rolls to the outside and walks up the ramp. Kenny runs for him he’s caught by a Bicycle Knee and Paradigm Shift onto the steel! Both men can barely get up but they do so. Kenny then hits a Kotaro Krusher on the ramp! They both rush back to the ring.
Mox scoops Kenny up and charges into the corner. Mox hits a Scoop Slam followed by a Death Valley Driver! He then hits a Dragon Suplex! He runs at Omega for another attack but Omega catches and hits a Pumphandle Dr. Wiley’s Bomb!! 1..........2.....Kick Out!!!! Mox gets up and throws elbows at Omega. Mox finally connects a Paradigm Shift! 1............2........KICK OUT!!!! Omega hits another Kotaro Krusher followed by a massive V-Trigger! He gets Mox up for the One Winged Angel but Mox gets out and hits a Neckbreaker as he comes down. Mox goes for a Running Knee but Omega scoops him up, ONE WINGED ANGEL!!!!!!! 1..............2...........3!!!!!!! NEW CHAMP!!!!
Kenny Omega defeats Jon Moxley to become the new AEW World Champion (24:37)
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Laserchip stark reflektierend, Pokerset Casino Roulette. EUR 8, 50 Poker-Chips Laser-Chips Wert 25 Metallkern 12g Poker Texas Hold`em Black Jack Roulette Grün reflektierend Tokens Jetons Wertaufdruck Casino 1 Rolle. Poker Chips Wert Poker Chips Werte sind selten festgelegt Video 2020 Poker Chip Guide. Some casinos use ceramic chips. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews ... Roulette. This casino table game is just Casino Poker Chips Weight as exciting to play online. Roulette requires no skill to play, although it is helpful to learn the best bets to make. Live dealer roulette is the most exciting game to play on online casinos, but bettors can find other roulette games to play online, too. There is a lot of confusion, and misinformation out there about the weight of real casino poker chips. When someone is looking to invest in a high quality set of poker chips, many times they want to try to get as close to the real thing as possible. Some like heavier chips, like some of the 14 gram sets, because they feel good and substantial and are readily available at good prices. Poker Chips Werte sind selten festgelegt. Solltest Du mit Deinen Freunden ein Turnier veranstalten wollen, kannst Du die Pokerchips Wertigkeit im Grunde frei. blau, grün und schwarz. so kommt man nicht durcheinander, denn jeder macht das so. aber wichtig ist nur das weiß den kleinsten wert hat, denn es gibt davon. 50 Poker-Chips Laser-Chips Wert 25 Metallkern 12g Poker Texas Hold`em Black ... The Poker Chips are made of high quality composite clay material with a metal insert for added professional weight. The laser sticker effect gives the chips a special appearance. The chips are perfectly balanced and stack easily. Get the casino feeling to your game. Measurements: Weight: 13 g Diameter: 40mm Thickness: 3mm JPC 500pc Crown Casino clay poker chips set ... 500pc blank poker chips (weight 11.5 grams each) in 4 different colors (200 red, 150 white, 100 green, and 50 black) The set comes complete with a dealer button, little blind button and big blind button alongside 2 decks of cards; Strong and sturdy aluminum carry case perfect for both travel and storage when not in use ; Buy the Trademark poker ... Whether you need 300, 500 or 1,000 casino quality poker chips; we can supply enough for one table or hundreds of tables with a variety of poker chip display cases. Best prices in the industry to meet any budget. Playing Cards. Playing cards are a perfect addition to your home poker game, poker league, casino and poker room. Poker cards come in various types, sizes and pip sizes. Bridge and ... Official Casino Poker Chip Weights. 11.5 grams IS NOT the standard weight of casino chips. Let me repeat that. 11.5 grams IS NOT the standard weight of casino chips. Neither is 13 grams. This is the single biggest misconception poker chip buyers have, and it’s hard to blame them with all the confusing information out there. In fact, many ... Poker Chips by Weight This section is for poker players or casino rental companies who are searching for particular poker chips by weight. We offer quality poker chips in 4 different weights, so whatever you require, don’t wait any longer to see our selection. Plus, we have fast delivery, so you won’t have to wait too long to start playing ... One of the biggest misconceptions is that the standard weight of official casino poker chips is 11.5 grams. It is not. Although there is no single standard weight, all official casino chips are between 8.5 and 10 grams. Authentic clay chips are usually between 9.5-10 grams and ceramic chips are close to 10 grams. Another misconception with poker chip weight is that heavier chips are higher ...

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Paulson "Casino De Isthmus" Home Poker Chips Review (AKA the James Bonds)

TOP 5 MOST BRUTAL POKER BAD BEATS EVER!Help us to 200K Subscribers - for the poker content used:Website: http://pokergo.comTwitte... How To Choose Poker Chips. Jon Young, the world strip poker champion, advises on the best chips to use when playing poker. Get the right chips, and you're half way there! Lucky Dragons - The Great Poker Chip Adventure Season 02 Episode 03 - Duration: 23:54. Hobbyphilic 7,343 views. 23:54. Nile Club - The Great Poker Chip Adventure Episode 11 - Duration: 30:09. ... How many poker chips do you need? What about a tournament? What about a cash game? Don't worry, you can figure this out.Once you do your (max buy-in)(max pla... When buying poker chips, consider the three different types that include clay chips, common in professional poker rings, metal chips and plastic chips, which... This is a quick overview of my top poker chip picks January 2019. This is my opinion, which seems to change every month. Please use this as a tool to get sta... Mike Postle has had an incredible string of wins on the live streamed cash games at Stones Hall in California. In fact, it's drawn suspicions and accusations... A review of the Paulson Casino De Isthmus home poker chips. These clay poker chips weigh about 10 grams each. A sample set will run you about $11. TOP 6 MOST CRAZY POKER HANDS OF ALL TIME!Help us to 200K Subscribers - you are reading this, comment which one was your favourite poke... What would you buy if you needed a 300+ poker chip set for under one hundred dollars in the USA?Please support us at: are...